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thursday 23/05/2013

I played around with the idea of Uppers having a min of 5. It would pretty much fall down to Ace and Sakrohm beating them at 0 pillz and that's about it.

Coleridge is only ever a noticeable problem when you also have Puff. Half your hand being invalidated by any card of the opponent's is dangerous waters.

Piranas have some amazing cheap cards. Puff, indispensable wall, costs nothing; Tula and Goldie, both decent options in a cheap deck, are much cheaper with Duel; Coleridge, Sheryl, and Kristin for inexpensive and excellent 4*; even Sliman exists for the budget five star, and isn't as bad as it could be compared to bonus-reliant clans. Not saying a deck with these cards would be good, but they have many more options for dirt-cheap than you'd expect. The only downside is the huge jump cost takes to get from cheap cards to more worthwhile expensive ones.

Now, if you had to make the cheapest Pirana deck, I would go with these: Hawkins Noel Puff Baba Ector Tyd Coleridge Sheryl Kristin Morgane. Altogether just over 2k, and probably able to get a fair ELO score for one of the cheapest useable decks.

wednesday 22/05/2013

I like to try this deck too, however, I can only manage the Berzerk site but the Vortex is so expensive smiley) I dont want to sell my current cards. As for me, I like to try Cyb, Dagg, C Wing and X-0DUS but they are nearly 50k clintz smiley

tuesday 21/05/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change Hikiyousan to Eddie and Bree to Nanook.

Vortex is really strong, and most of the regular t100 players use a deck involving a Vortex half, usually with high damage like Freaks or GHEIST. I would get rid of mono, because the Vortex bonus is basically worthless in the last round.

If you want to keep the mono, replace either Dagg or T Gaank with X-0DUS.

monday 20/05/2013

Please post in the recruitment forum

Its kinda funny also to write this topic in the english fourms, one would assume this is the problem of the english community lol

sunday 19/05/2013

These players use the excuse elo is fine because these cards are really the only reason theyre not below 800 elo every week, yet they also fail to understand that elo is popular in events with event creators switching the rules of it by a bit, nobody cares about elo anymore, and nobody will spark a sudden interest in it again the way these cards cause 50/50s and -22's and what not. the problem is in events, where you could easily luck out on a dj korr or be a noobed out of a kiki due to abuse of op braindead no skill cards.

Nice deck. smiley

With this clan out, I'd personally like to see a copy opponent's bonus for either rescue or uppers (nothing too big, a 3/3 or 4/4 2-star).

saturday 18/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

friday 17/05/2013

Why need random in ELO?

Ok, will give it a go. Thanks for the advice smiley

logo UR 12 messages

Pretty stupid Kerozinn player if he pilled 2, it's going to lose to virtually any rescue old. You also played bad by olding against a kero, or olding lothar with a kero on the other side, it just so happened that you got lucky your opponent was brain-dead.

thursday 16/05/2013

He's only 32K. 40 > 32, imk.

Nice deck smiley

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