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thursday 16/05/2013

Good deck. i would personally change Slopsh to Petra.

tuesday 14/05/2013

That does by no means make Zhu Tang a bad card. He's awesome. People hate on him because as much good as he looks on paper, he can also look extremely bad on paper, as the author of that story shows. Tunnel-vision.

Sure you're not going to get the full 8-12 gap ALL the time, but there will be many instances where you will, and that kind of gap keeps your opponent in check and lets you play in control. He's almost as good as Shifou, which is saying a lot.

Thats ok smiley

monday 13/05/2013

Nice deck, smiley

I don't really like courge ether but 7/7 base stats are enuth to make him a good card without courage.

sunday 12/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

I wouldn't call it a nobb deck.

I would personally change Wurmhol to Mok and XU52 to Ksendra.

saturday 11/05/2013

Just my opinion, but why did you take out your only attack manipulator? I'd probably drop Kostner down to Melanie and up Bublgmm back up to Deea.

friday 10/05/2013

How many times will you ask this question ._.

Yes, Nancy relies too much on her ability I feel. Not only that, like everyone says, it's conditional and predictable. Rescue is also already very threatening and intimidating without that extra 5-7 life gapping potential.

And scrap what I said about Pastor. I finally tried him and he's really great! Definitely one of the top picks for 5 star alongside Sledg and Cliff.

Nice deck. smiley

Ok deck. I would personally change Gyro to Graff, Massiv to Lil Jey, Arawaka to Pan, Cutey to Edwin and Nerfeniti to Sargh.

I made 1400 with the deck so far this week smiley. Im not so sure about Akendram UM_AaaBattery as the deck already has 3 Freaks fairly capable of winning the round and getting that poison in, although if I was going to go with an offensive 3 star over Quasichoco I think Akendram would be my first choice.

thursday 09/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Im gessing Jean is full in the real deck lol.

It dosn't really need a heavy hitter. Its more for the long game (you don't have to ko just make your opponents life lower).

wednesday 08/05/2013

Welp. Not much of a junkz player so no comment on the junkz side. Maybe eebiza > gibson?

Honestly, my favourite 3* in jungo is nyema. she's just too scary with her 8 life gap stuff.

Nice deck. I would personally change Cutey to Pan and Sheitane to Artus.


WOW! smiley

edited by UM_AaaBattery wednesday 08/05/2013, 16:32

monday 06/05/2013

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dreadlash to Deea.

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