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tuesday 04/06/2013

La junta and Jungo both work better as mono (only 1 clan in the deck) decks due to the high number of support cards in the clans.

Nice deck. I would personally change Dreadlash to Deea. The +10 attack makes up for the loss in power (and you get an extra damage).

sunday 02/06/2013

I'm a bit late to the party, but Montana plus any clan isn't the greatest combo. Montana is more of a mono clan since their best cards are support cards. Oscar, Moses, and Avola are three of their best cards and they're all support. Then there's cards like Prince Jr. and Ivy that rely on having their bonus intact. La Junta is a bit of the same way too, but to a lesser extent. While Sabia, Raven, and Isatis are all support cards there's good alternatives to all of them.

saturday 01/06/2013

I prefer Brianna to Gatline personally. One more power and if you overpill with her you get one back whereas you don't with Gatline.

I prefer Raven to Pilzken too. Pilzken's good, but that minimum of his is way too high to be overly effective. Best you're looking at is a two power gap that can easily be overcome by good attack or power manipulation. Raven has better base power which I'll take over better base damage, especially in a clan with a damage bonus. Plus Raven can get past DRs and has a much better potential damage output then Pilzken. Max Raven can dish out is a whopping 12 life gap while the max Pilzken can dish out is 10.

friday 31/05/2013

What do you think of this? New to both these clans. Suggestions would be awesome.


Nice deck. smiley ELO (and survivor) are the modes where defensive decks work well.

thursday 30/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Nice deck. i would personally change Tolliver to wardog.

Nice deck. I would personally change Tolliver to Wardog.

@Taxt1271, I don't think your comparison are really resonable, Zapatino is a 2 stars, which means that he is at the same level with cards like Ivy, Cyb and Loretta in some way. You cannot compare Greem or Konrad with him, because they are 4 star nuker, and I don't know why you can compare perma-banned cards like Sigma and Slyth with him as well. Is it better to be banned or playable?
Zapatino can be bad, but it is in paper as well, in fact you will not face hand with two or more SOA and SOB every games, and if it comes to this situation, many others poison cards will become useless cards, it is also in fact that you not always face many support cards in the same hand as they will have to pay for this by their low damages and vulnerable to SOA.
Zapatino is a good card, as Cyb Lhia and Ivy are. They provide you damage even when you draw a low star hand. Which a normal or good hand, cards like Zapatino makes your play less predictable, if you loose with them with a few pills, it doesn't mean a lost, why if you can sneak them through, your opponents will be in trouble. Can you expect your heavy nuker like Troompah or Greem to loose or pose a threat of 8 damage to force opponents to play safely with 2 star like Sasha.
I don't say that Zapatino is better than these cards, but he has his own useful roles and there are many situation only cards like him can solve.

You are just unlucky Saandro, while you had to face Allstars with Karen smiley. Imagine you are facing a common Upper deck with Kazayan, Nellie, Oxen and Rubie may make you feel better smiley.

However, I don't think GHEIST and Roots, despite the ban, have more limited choices compared with other clans, as Anderson said. We can use Allstars for example, they still do not have cards that can replace Mirana and Saki while they are banned, the findest replacement for Mirana maybe Quinn, but he still is far from her level. While for the Roots and GHEIST, their cards are nearly at the same level, like Tuck vs Gretchen, Methane vs Hriger.

I like it. I've always had a soft spot for Gatline so I always enjoy seeing her used smiley

Not a huge fan of Milena though, I would personally use Laura. But I understand why you would want Milena in this deck, I just play pretty aggressively.

Honestly I have never though of it that way.
I've always envisioned miss stella to have both of her skills on.
I've been asking myself, why is stella better if both of them can make a 16 attack difference...

thanks guys.

wednesday 29/05/2013

I don't like the cards you used, but bravo on doing well with them.

Radek and Scopica are still infinitely better then Cheep even in relatively heavy SoA weeks. Gretchen's ability also doesn't really work with the Jungo bonus. In a winning match it's already hard enough to meet that low maximum of ten let alone when you're giving yourself life gain. Which is a weird complaint, but you see my point. I also think Ellie is a flat-out bad card. Has a hard time winning rounds due to an unaided seven base power, predictable due to being restricted to courage rounds, and is destroyed by SoA. Just too many problems with her. Even when you can get past all that trouble to hit with her she still only manages six life-gap without fury.

The deck also severely lacks in life gap and damage output. Moegura's really the only reliable heavy hitter in that deck and if he's hit by SoB he becomes pretty mediocre in terms of damage and life gap. Your two best life gap or damage cards after that are Jeena, who you'll rarely hit with, and Ellie who just has a whole list of problems with her.

From an investment standpoint Dalhia Cr is the best to have and if you're going with a pillz manipulation deck she may be the best choice, but Bloodh kind of goes against the grain as far as the theme of Piranas goes. He's a nuke without great round winning ability. If you look at every other popular five star they all either have great pillz manipulation or great power manipulation usually along with nuking power. Bloodh doesn't have that. He is great if you're good with that type of card though.

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