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friday 26/04/2013

Personally im fine with 2 mins. Now maybe if the 2 mins carrys over to the next round then that'll be good.
For example
turn 1 you take 50 seconds. Then round 2 you get a minute and 10 seconds before timing out.

However i like the 2min per round because i usually multi task with when playing lol

thursday 25/04/2013

According to the auto-calculate function in the Public Presets plus a little bit of terrible math skills from grade 1, chances of getting four 2* for a 5/5/5/2/2/2/2/2 deck is approximately 7.14% and the chances of getting three 2* and one 5* will be 42.86%

Correct me if I'm wrong, been ages since I did math.

Nice deck. smiley

Thats ok, Im glad I could help.

Spoken like a true XC, manfred.

wednesday 24/04/2013

tuesday 23/04/2013

Numar is a crappy card, anyway. If you can't afford him, instead I suggest:

Kati to Kerozinn Cr
Shifou to Marlysa Cr


Interesting deck. I would personally change Eddie to Numar because due to the other + life cards in the deck Eddies heal can have little to no effect. I would also change Stanly to Daddy Jones.

Nice deck. smiley I would also change Snowflake to Plunk.

@Pilluminati: Treeman currently has 25 votes lol: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/game/elo/vote.php

Nice deck. If possible I would personally change Stella to Virginia.

Louise can be changed to Charlie as shes a bit more protected against SOA .

A Nightmare half-deck without Artus... it just doesn't feel right

Anyway, Nightmare 4* are all pretty crappy, so I suggest downing Magenta to Cutey, and then change Malicia to Charlie Cr or Lena.

monday 22/04/2013

Nice deck. Loma Noju might have trouble with his 6 power but try him and see.

sunday 21/04/2013

Then stick with mine deck smiley

Fizzle. This card is amazing, it's Junkz's Maurice/Marina! I know Gibson has similar stats and arguably a more versatile ability, but Fizzle is such a good opener because you can just old her, and deal damage. She's in that crowded JunkZ 4* department, but to see that she isn't even considered for a deck... I'll be using her for sure.


Yeah Sah Brinak isn't as good as he seems on paper

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