tuesday 16/04/2013

Yeah watch out for all stars, deleted

monday 15/04/2013

@ ghelas
Indeed Ulrich does DR La Junta and FPC for 6 but then the Piranas as a whole is pretty weak against them.
Isatis vs colerige
wyre vs buba
Thormund vs puff
Bryan vs Kristin
Laura vs Cyan
Gatline / Brianna vs Raeth
Milena vs morgane
Pilzken vs Selma
sabia vs (oops no Dr for Piranas)
Dugan vs (oops no Dr for Piranas)
And then Theres Raven the OHKO

I don't think La Junta should worry about Ulrich anyway.

sunday 14/04/2013

Off topic now

You didn't help! That's the joke! smiley

Who's being arrogant?

9 game losing streak happened - 120 elo
fight all way back to 1350s, couldn't break into top 100
got other stuff to do, so i'm done. see you next week

saturday 13/04/2013

Brittany huh.......................................

Save your pills for Diana smiley

Well, I only like to use 1 2* in Pussycats, and that is Lucy.

Montana is not that hard. It's either they don't draw Avola and most likely lose, or they draw Avola and misplay. They're not too smart. You can try uppers if you really have a hard time, here's what I made this week: Lady Diana

friday 12/04/2013

Thanks for that! smiley
I have once considered that too but it would weaken my deck if I'm up against roots/gheist.

thursday 11/04/2013

wednesday 10/04/2013

AmberRed1994 could u tell me the final touches

Yeah. Switched to Graff, and then alternating with this deck to beat Montanas: Lady Diana.

tuesday 09/04/2013

Chiara can go into any deck where you want to wall, Plunk goes into any deck with big nukes.

Prinz, not trying to be a jerk, but I would be very surprised if even some of the best players in UR could break 14 with that deck.

monday 08/04/2013

There is no best clan every clan has their weaknesses and strength it's how you use your clan that counts
I would say the best thing to do is find a deck that you play with the best I always use a mono deck try to build a mono deck first of a clan you like practice playing in elo with it so you can learn how to use your deck , it's always good if you know your deck very well and how to use them . For example my first mono deck was pussy cat clan my 2nd was Fang pi chang clan mono also when you get the hang of using those clans try building on another and testing it out .
Hope this helps

Thanks for the suggestions, here is the update:

I played a bit more after I hit 1307 with this deck in a fight against 0 Myk here.

  00:13 Elo you won by forfeit against Alamanno, ~~El Rincon De la Perla~~ (16-5): 1309 ELO
  00:10 Elo you beat Gaietix, NΞoN Ξvolution (16-10): 1295 ELO
  00:06 Elo you won by forfeit against Uos_Fearless, UNION OF THE SUPREMES (14-smiley: 1281 ELO
  00:02 Elo you almost won against CedLeRustre, Azraël legend (8-9): 1262 ELO
  23:58 Elo you almost won against MrJoze, Sable (2-4): 1273 ELO
  23:52 Elo you were annihilated by 0 mario noob, Sable (4-14): 1283 ELO
  23:49 Elo you crushed bellaerl, PokiMaBuoni (14-0): 1295 ELO
  23:46 Elo you narrowly escaped from Der_Chemiker, The Club (3-0): 1284 ELO
  23:41 Elo you beat giovanni.piccol, ✠ QUESTI SIAMO ✠ (7-3): 1269 ELO
  23:34 Elo you almost won against O tops, Piratas do Atlântico (1-4): 1251 ELO
  23:29 Elo you almost won against Oz Tranchant, Echoes (5-7): 1261 ELO
  22:45 Elo you lost against LW-TheWeePapa, Legendary Warriors (2-smiley: 1271 ELO
After losing the next one, i used a more cookie-cutter Uppers/Jungo. But the first 1300 was definitely with the preset above, i switched because i was running out of time to ELO.

Hmm, I think Benicio is still the best 4* in a Jungo half-deck besides smiley Niva is still great for DR and Moegura is great for offense and can create that 7 life gap

sunday 07/04/2013

2 messages

Okay we also have a top-10 elo Rescue deck
congrats to -Levi
The Rage is On-[10th top]

So i came back to UR after quite a while and this week i decided to try Elo mode i managed to reach 1300+ but thats seems quite could i chanlow so im searching for an advice on my deck and what ge in it (budget is pretty low , and my long term plan is steve > daussone , wesley > glosh )
The deck is here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2569842

Interesting deck. smiley

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