saturday 16/03/2013

I don't like Adler ;(.

Why second deck is only 24 star ???
And i don't like your deck arrangment, 2-2-2-3-3-3-4-5
What if you get 2,2,2,3 hand ?
Support cards are really bad in half deck ;/

Thanks Battery but i need the defeat cards for the Frozn's bonus and they work really well with the poisonsmiley

Ok deck. I would personally change Spycee to Amiral Coco63, Lady to Maurice, Nellie to Kazayan and Samantha to Harold.

Interesting deck. I agree with Nomi's idea. Ditha can be changed to karrion and Kenny can be changed to Malicia.

friday 15/03/2013

Minerva is not good. Minerva has a base dmg of 5. The ability should have been power and damage +2.

Hit up that dacote though! smiley

Sounds wierd if I say a frozen deck lacks damage... but, hmm..

thursday 14/03/2013


I like it! Bans incoming though.

help me to improve it

tuesday 12/03/2013

Oh oracle you are too spot on my nose bleeds
BTW how is Open Casket doing these days I was a OC you know

What you already have is good enough. play a little more carefully (dirtier) you will get there.

Honestly, GHEIST is just a little expensive to be good and hard for starters to build a full deck.

and, DON'T BUY Klawz! BUY Ksendra !!

Now we can talk, a lot of cards you have are pretty situational, so we try to get something more stable.
Ksendra is a good start. Luba is not too bad, or Darth, so keep one of them should be fine.
Mok is a good 2 star, and I suggest add in Wurmhol for cheap defense and mind gaming.

Now you have a fine 12-star half-deck. You can sell Dr Saw and Kersten to get much better cards than that, or keep using them try to build a full deck which I don't recommend.

Good cheap other half choice:
Frozen with Eliska: buy Elke, Eliska, Hakunak, Tilmpah and a cheap 2-star. Use revenge.
Pussycat. buy Leela instead of Ksendra and use Dr Saw with a lot of dr in hand!
Freaks: Quasichoco and Varoslav.

Just realized: Full-power Freaks Week
Unleash the Krak... wait...

monday 11/03/2013

Ok. fyi i use gheist for elo and its awesome smiley

Pilzken is 100,000 in cost . No way in hell I can afford that .

Also , Tolliver comes with that +1 damage that is great for scaring a lot of ppl since a lot of my cards can go to 9 damage w fury
I dont like Dean so much because Wardog as such is immune to SoA .

That's a good spirit!
although don't have to stick with common so much. Cley and Snowflake can be hard to fit with Freaks

sunday 10/03/2013

Hey guys just looking for more input on this Lois, Heroine of the Party!

Copied it smiley

It's great smiley


Best deck I've ever seen so far for elo.

This might be my New elo deck, but not sure wich i should put in for uranus :/
Anny support ?


Thanks in advance

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