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monday 25/03/2013

Nice point of vew oracle. I prefer Esmeralda over bertha in this build because grudj an bogdan are the best openers, after first turn i think is better esmeralda's atk manipulation than bertha's solidness. About rodney/radek i think the two are awesome characters and both very similar; i personally use to reserve cards like radek for the third or even fourth turn with a decent amount of pillz.

@ the oracle
That is a good idea and nice deck here
still not a fan of cliff, but smiley

sunday 24/03/2013


Yes I would love to swap Klawz out, but Levia is banned so smiley

The deck might work. I think I like Cley over denae though.

friday 22/03/2013

How so BMillion13? Please give some comments so I may improve.

Thanks Joinone smiley

thursday 21/03/2013

Well my preset certainly has a long enough discription so I'll just show it off.


Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

Yeah i know, but i was too lazy to create the deck's name LOL

Thanks Battery but i dont have hersmiley


rate comment and advice pleasse

Nice deck. I would personally change Wonald to Esmeralda as Esmerald can get some sneaky wins in with low pillz fights.

Nice deck. smiley

wednesday 20/03/2013

Terrible deck idea. im not even go into card details, but +8 attack and -8 attack are pretty much the same thing. bonuses are supposed to COMPLEMENT each other. and in general pretty bad damage output.

sunday 17/03/2013

@ Dandelios

NICE! You actually stayed within the limits of 5k. I couldn't do that.

Puff, Coleridge, and Ector aren't used in 90* of mono decks. Coco, hawkins is used instead of puff. Coleridge isn't used as much as raeth, and tyd is used more than ector.

@History God

If you're going Piranas, I can lend you some cash for raeth and dalhia cr/selma

saturday 16/03/2013

I don't like Adler ;(.

Why second deck is only 24 star ???
And i don't like your deck arrangment, 2-2-2-3-3-3-4-5
What if you get 2,2,2,3 hand ?
Support cards are really bad in half deck ;/

Thanks Battery but i need the defeat cards for the Frozn's bonus and they work really well with the poisonsmiley

Ok deck. I would personally change Spycee to Amiral Coco63, Lady to Maurice, Nellie to Kazayan and Samantha to Harold.

Interesting deck. I agree with Nomi's idea. Ditha can be changed to karrion and Kenny can be changed to Malicia.

friday 15/03/2013

Minerva is not good. Minerva has a base dmg of 5. The ability should have been power and damage +2.

Hit up that dacote though! smiley

Sounds wierd if I say a frozen deck lacks damage... but, hmm..

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