monday 25/02/2013

Wow, I just made Karrion work out for me in an All stars - Nightmare deck I just made. It has the stability against SoA I've been looking for!


Ain't all this in the rules somewhere?

sunday 24/02/2013

On the luck-skill thing

First of all,I am talking about Tournament/ELO in LoL which means that its not so random based,especially when you pick champs. You pick first,you have a chance to either pick an op champ or you might even stay open and have a natural counter of your champ,on your lane. So unless we talk for completely random games,its not that much about luck

I am gonna say that I have to agree with you guys,basically since you are more experienced than me and I want to respect your scores. But still,I don't know if it's the way that the discussions go in these forums or something else,there is a shroud of mystery in deck building and how some games are won. Want my suggestion? Maybe someone could stream for 1-2 hours this Monday,explain a little bit about how he will build his deck with the bans,and then play for some time,discussing his choices in the various games. That will probably help a lot to clear many questions less experienced players like me have(how do the proz think,what do I do when I draw a shitty hand and how can I turn a game around)

They do the streaming think like everywhere,it would be a good idea to revive(cause I have seen some old videos on youtube) it again

friday 22/02/2013


new card, new deck
rate and comment smiley

Still weak against SOA, but it's not a big deal i guess

wednesday 20/02/2013

I'd say, lower the Nightmare half. Azgorth and Kenny cr for Edwin and Artus.
That way you will have 3 stars to upgrade the GHEIST half. You could go Z3r0 D34d for XU52 [preferably] or Wardom.
Also, I find Hriger better than Methane.

tuesday 19/02/2013

Not ELO connected, but Sentinelz need a rare 2*/3* since they got none

monday 18/02/2013

17 wins 5 loses so far. Kinda mad because 2 loses I misplayed so badly. The other loses were ongh+troopah in the same in hand in 2 of them. And skeelz beat me(shaky matchup)
  12:36 Elo you crushed DragKingu, Dark Fighters (12-0): 1172 ELO
  12:32 Elo you narrowly escaped from - InXo, Les Têtes Brûlées (5-4): 1158 ELO
  12:27 Elo you narrowly escaped from mimosabr, Dragões Lendários (6-5): 1143 ELO
  08:20 Elo you were annihilated by Upgang, GUB PRO (5-16): 1129 ELO
  08:15 Elo you beat Le Pistolero, Just Human Beanz (9-5): 1140 ELO
  08:11 Elo you narrowly escaped from Shunsui-Bz, Euphemia (4-2): 1124 ELO
  08:06 Elo you narrowly escaped from Ro_RoTop, the hildegan (6-5): 1110 ELO
  08:01 Elo you lost against Uos_Fearless, UNION OF THE SUPREMES (1-7): 1099 ELO
  07:26 Elo you narrowly escaped from U H _ Fede, Unión HispanoAmericana (8-6): 1108 ELO
  07:21 Elo you beat duke joness (9-2): 1097 ELO
  07:16 Elo you lost by default against DarkGromril, I BOSS di Clint City (6-14): 1083 ELO
  07:12 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 Koopa, Springfield (9-10): 1097 ELO
  07:08 Elo you narrowly escaped from Thanderstruck, Карточные стражи (11-10): 1080 ELO
  07:02 Elo you crushed Javi_kun, Polish War Machines (14-0): 1066 ELO
  20:01 Elo you narrowly escaped from Seu_Madruga, Guerreiros Imortais BR (3-2): 1052 ELO
  19:57 Elo you beat L.Cox, Clint City Civilians (10-2): 1038 ELO
  19:53 Elo you narrowly escaped from _-(EVIL)-_ (7-6): 1022 ELO

This wasn't implemented as a Malicia thread, but since she's seen her first ban, it's kinda hijacked into one. She's strong. She's not THAT strong. Once people figure out her place she probably won't be a regular ban. Clover on the other hand, is an amazing card. I'm surprised she's not banned far more often. Fury 7 on a 3 star DR card stings!

I dont old grudj lol, my grudj bluff is usually 24 or 32 atk

If you can recommend any cheap replacements, do it.
Budget means price is max 18-22k.

Lady to dorian or herman smiley

sunday 17/02/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Ok after considering both sides and looking at the cards i find roots more appealing thanks for all the advice

saturday 16/02/2013

Um nothing,seems great. The first one has great gap with Russel,Diana and somewhat with Pan. The second one relies a bit too much on Pussycats to make the gap I gotta say,but it might just be me. First of all,try them and make sure they suit your playstyle. So many people use Uppers in DT and they get great scores,but I hate them so much that even with decent decks/hands I still lose. Make sure to test drive both of them and adjust them with the new week's bans

friday 15/02/2013

Kerry,wanna give us the deck that will take you from 1300- to 1450? Really want to see it and study it

thursday 14/02/2013

Drawing glenn with 3 2*s is not that bad, glenn does not have to be used first turn.... all star 5*s sucks. perhaps jungo this week

ongh adler nahema

gheist: ksendra wardom xu52

montana: avola don fabio/enzo/jimmy or i say tino

Interesting deck. I would personally change Archibald to Wyre and Dean to wardog.

BASE damage. The printed number. Not modified by ability or bonus.

I don't find Lulabee, Hefty or Tomas particularly worthwhile in ELO.

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