sunday 20/01/2013

7/2 SOB may not be that bad. Problem is all of her same-stat comparisons (Lucy, Flanagan, etc.) are a star less. I know you know that, but when your splash card is carrying an extra star than it should be, there are probably better options. Hehe. smiley

saturday 19/01/2013

Yeah you might want to consider half-decking. Vortex fight well when they have an advantage (generally speaking of course), but actually going out there and getting that advantage is difficult unless you had a good draw or got lucky in the opening rounds.

Pairing them with an attack manip clan that has decent damage like the uppers is a good idea, as it gives you leeway in the first two rounds to gain a considerable pill advantage or get a cheap shot in, though it doesn't help much against SOAs (unless dorian is unbanned).

Another approach would be using a low-star vortex half to gain a pill advantage while leaving the heavy-hitting to your other half. Dagg/deea/cyb lhia/C wing is pretty much the standard half deck for this purpose, while clans like gheist and bangers have a bunch of good high-star cards in need of the attack manip dagg and deea provides.

friday 18/01/2013

I would try to fit in Benicio. Protection power/ damage is definitely amazing to draw with All Stars, and he's also pretty insane with Ongh.

Curious how Karen is working out for you. I tried her last week; she was solid and affected plays, but never once did I actually hit with her ability.

thursday 17/01/2013

monday 14/01/2013

They can work together, but their bonuses are too similar to compliment each other. It'd be like running a Roots/GHEIST deck.
If you want to go half with Bangers, put in an SoA or SoB clan if you aren't going to use Graff or Randal.

sunday 13/01/2013

Yeah i know, roots are too strong right now, and this deck is really good against them.

Interesting deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Cortez to Taylor and Jeffrey to Roger.

Bit top heavy i prefer




Build evens out the hands more. However the low star cards have potential in this particular deck.

saturday 12/01/2013

So what clans in your opinion complimeny montanna or uppers well?

Ulu is just a bad clan to get your SOA. If you want SOA, use 3 Montana such as Desmond+Spiaghi+Angelo. Those are 3 abilities that really help Ulu.

So a few last questions. From what I got here, my revised deck should be...

Oraya 5*
Stanly 5*
Eddie 4*
Felicia or Nanook 3*
Gabrielle 2*
Fanny 2*
Warren 2*
Dave 2*

For that 3* position, who do you think is better?

A lot of people tell me to get rid of Felicia for Nanook, and Warren for some other two star cards. I don't really get that.

Felicia's a 9/3 with the clan bonus and Nanook is a 10/4, but I find Felicia is a great bluff card because she holds off the Bezerkers' -2 life and Fang Pi's +2 damage f I lose(I run into a ton of Bezerkers and Fang Pi's), or gets me a definite win if they were bluffing as well as long as they don't have a power reducing ability, or a power strengthening one that brings them over 9. Nanook doesn't have any ability, so most abilities or clan bonuses will beat her even in the mutual bluffing situation.

And Warren doesn't seem so bad himself. He'll go up against even 8 powered cards, increasing his power to 10, and it can be a pretty simple win even with most abilities. Am I missing something here?

friday 11/01/2013

I think the devs were more into considering how their bonus would interact with montana and sakrohm (hey looks they have the same minimum!!!). Yeah I agree, I guess they can have a better ability, in exchange for a worse bonus, however the ability cant be strictly better than say a Junkz or Sakohrm card would receive ... lol

You're still overlooking a few strategic points. Ector is one of the highest gaping characters in Piranas. What's more, unlike almost all of Piranas, he goes through DR -- this is essential in a low damage clan. Having him in your hand allows you to harass your opponent with cards that it's not desirable for them to fight: Taljion, Puff, the unpredictable Hawkins, attack manipulators from another clan, etc. Depending on how your opponent reacts to those cards you are likely to gain a low-cost life advantage or a pill advantage. That pill advantage, in turn, helps Ector secure an easy hit.

Look at it this way: Opening with 1-pilled Taljion when Ector is in your hand essentially transfers Taljion's round-winning advantage to Ector (unless your opponent lets Taljion through, which is even better!)

tuesday 08/01/2013

I have said this before but I will repeat it. We can tell you hundreds of good decks and we can tell you how to play them, but that won't have any effect when your playing ELO - experiance is what counts. Learn the concept of ELO, build your deck off this weeks ELO bans and play strategically.

Since you asked I'll share one of my favorite decks (it's a bit expensive) smiley

Kerozinn Cr, Kusuri, Zhu Tang, Shifou, Z3r0 D34d, Bristone, Leviatonn (or use Klawz if Leviatonn is banned) and Methane

monday 07/01/2013

Lol he obviously has no money, but i suggest u sell ayah to make cash at the moment she is complete crap.

Ditha > lena
ward hg > ward hg hes a good card for offense, cyb lhia limited to turn one? your choice though
dagg > t gaank

sunday 06/01/2013

Oh, don't do that... shifou is great and Kati is, well, bad... if you REALLY want that SoA, replace randy with Alexei and Zhu Tang with Chan...

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