tuesday 27/11/2012

Try this out its cheap and effective, i am not the creator im just passing it along On a Budget me [ELO] it has freaks which you have and the other half (pussycats) is well in your price range smiley

Tsubame provides a game ending time warp. Use her for the kill. You get a second chance if you lose.

Yoshida doesn't lose.

I think im going with liam this week, I can see its uses.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Gail ld is by no means terrible, i have snuck in a 6 damage KO easily, she is preference, by far she can cause the most damage as a 2* and can help with 2hko next to some of your berzerk cards and herman if you chose him over the other 5 star cards.
alot of players prefer wendel cause he seems more useful as a 2 star, i would agree except for a few things. hes courage based and in elo a LOT of decks run cards with "stop:" abilities meaning they are looking for that wendel to open or hit in with courage so they can smack you with (just for example as a commonly use card) karen boom half your health gone with 3-4 pillz thats gotta sting. vs gail who after winning the prior round could act as a HUGE bluff (your opp tries to block a potential 2hko and overpillz leaving him/her open for attack) or you can actually sneak in and pull off the 2hko if your faceing the right opponent or if your opponent pillz alot and still loses (say vs herman) you can use her 6 power and -10 atk to maybe get the damage in with your opponent unable to stop it smiley
so as you can see its a matter of opinion but to call gail ld terrible is a great overstatement and undervalue of a perfectly solid playable 2 star for the uppers (about half their 2 stars really are unplayable)

Oh weak. My phone sent half my message. That'll teach me for using the iPhone forum browser :[

monday 26/11/2012

@ghelas Thanks, figured it would be fine, and I expect it to be rough going.

sunday 25/11/2012

DR cards never hurt either and veenyle can sneak a damage if you play her right which will also stop 100% of opp damage that round. but always play with what you are comfortable with in ELO imo.

saturday 24/11/2012

Nice deck. smiley

thursday 22/11/2012

Interesting deck. smiley

tuesday 20/11/2012

Very ambitious goal, but you are better off using just one ex if you're going for top 150. Good luck!

monday 19/11/2012

purple -red [ELO]

my starting deck this week, hope it will work

Nice deck smiley

During their ban beeboy to fixit and blaaster cr to chlora

sunday 18/11/2012

05/11/09...not as old as some, but ELO is my main mode smiley

Pro's of current ELO:
- Almost every clan is highly playable....only real exception is La Junta who sitll have a bit to go
- Weekly bans really smash down Overpowering clans but don't completely annihilate them (unlike the certain 8 or so card Roots ban week)
- No more potential KO from the second round (I find this a pro and realise why Gheist used to be so ridiculously strong
- Even cheap, average decks can get to 1200+

- Whilst every clan is useable...'staple' halfdecks are the only thing anyone ever uses
- Certain weeks unbans just create too much domination (eg: Askai)
- 2* strong support coupled with nukes has become the meta...30ld + nuke fury is a viable option
- Power AND ability creep. The best example is a used-to-be-wonderful card like Tula...now she is an honest liability in most situations
- Noob tactics and just packing nukes is one of the best ways to go

Luck/Skill/Cards and decks

Luck and skill must always be in the game...but as waster has pointed out...if you don't draw the appropriate counter against certain decks the game becomes almost unwinnable from round 1...I find an easy example is if you don't draw any SOA or DR...now the most key part of any deck
And thus luck in your cards drawn has become a significant part of the game

More elo missions. Missions right now only act as milestones.

UR had already implemented this idea a while back. There were No/All Dr weeks, No/All SoA weeks etc. I wasn't that active in ELO during that time though so I do not have any thoughts or opinions on that.

I guess the average ELO player would fancy a fun ELO week but I'm not so sure about them ELO fanatics who fancy the mode for the score than the plays.

saturday 17/11/2012

I support the use of mono-FPC in ELO.

Yea got to 1300 elo
using tsubame ,yoshida , Chan ,kusuri
Ralph shifou zhu tang and zakazuki smiley
1303 and b4 that broke my elo record pf 1312 to 1347

monday 12/11/2012


I personally wouldn't gravitate towards something like this for ELO though. Angie isn't strong enough to occupy the 5 card slot. Also, every single card here is hard to win a round with, meaning there aren't enough pillz to comfortably win 2 rounds in most games; and the nukes (Angie and Muze) are extremely shaky under many common conditions.

I don't quite agree with the above. One thing that people forget about the Skeelz is that they have another powerful nuke; Snowflake. Snowflake will often gap for somewhere around 7 or 8, sometimes higher. With the right walls, that can definitely win you the game. The odds of drawing either Snowflake or Greem + a couple of great walls are pretty good.

As a rule of thumb, if you have at least 3 hands that are at a huge winning advantage, I consider it okay to have 1 weak hand. The odds of drawing any four specific cards are the same... So that means for every game you will probably lose due to your weakest hand, you will probably win 3 due to your strong hands.

Also, keep in mind that Belle can be really dangerous, especially if you sneak that fury in! You might still be able to get away with a 3-round win with a seemingly poor hand, like Chiara/Sandro/Sasha/Belle.

TLDR: Go for it. smiley

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