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wednesday 31/10/2012


this is much better actually


also you forgot marlysa CR (and arguably splata cr)

monday 29/10/2012

Looks okayish for next week. Keep in mind that you have some strong competition... Both Askai and Kalindra might give you some trouble -- Jungo will outgap you, and your attack manip isn't enough to guarantee a Kalindra block. With a lot of SoA cards in the meta to help against Kalindra and Askai, almost everybody in your deck will suffer, too.

saturday 27/10/2012

Good job i'm glad you like it check out my other presets too

Thanks smiley

The clan combination is iffy, but not just because it can be a little predictable. The bigger issue is that both clans also suffer heavily vs SoA. You also have in mind that you will not get your Frozn bonus damage 100% of the time, and without it, your deck's damage looks pretty low.

If you absolutely want to try to make *this* particular deck better, replace 3 of your 2*s. Cyb Lhia and C Wing will help with your DR problems, while Brampah has better synergy with your cards than Ayzkub.

However, as a die-hard Vortex player, I would recommend running Vortex with hard-hitting GHEIST or Jungo.

thursday 25/10/2012

Nice deck. If possible I would personally change Methane to Hriger and Sah Brinak to Annuqa as I like Copy: Bonus Opp.

Its probally easyer if you read the other forum posts or look at the presets to find a deck you like as there is a large veriety to chose from.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Elke to Z3r0 D34d for 1 more power and damage as Elkes ability isn't much help and XU52 to Wardom.

Lol your trying to confuse me.

Pesth to dalhia/selma and andsom to tyd maybe when you have clintz

wednesday 24/10/2012

Mono Rescue, http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2377923 and switch Kerry to Glosh if you can't afford Kerry.

monday 22/10/2012

Phyllis and Mawpin work well as as unexpensive 2 star cards

Some strategy to consider. Not all, but many Freaks players will throw a detrimentally high number of pillz in the first round to land their poison. If you bluff, virtually any clan with attack manipulation, or power advantage should have superiority afterward. You can often take it easy the next round or two because any damage they deal is just overlap of damage you're going to take anyway. Win the last round(s), and be sure to knock them under 3 life.

sunday 21/10/2012

Yeah, what Subclavian said. smiley

Greetings , the present stated above is one of the most ideal deck I could think of , using Skeelz. smiley
Personally , this deck lacks heavy hitters , or should I say the 2* / 3* fillers lack damage .. I've also thought of replacing my Greem with Jay , but wonder what if I had 2 revenge-based cards in one hand .. It won't do me any good , and therefore , this deck remains as it is .. In terms of power , I believe this deck is considered pretty alright in ELO , and thus , there's isn't a need to reconsider this deck .. However , do have a look at this deck , and your perspectives , comments , criticizes , and ratings will be welcome , as well as any ideas on how to reconstruct this deck into a monstrous one ! smiley
Thanks in Advance ! smiley

saturday 20/10/2012

Not too shabby! I can see a lot of hands in this deck that I wouldn't want to face.

thursday 18/10/2012

You need more damage. Like, a lot more. Aylen, greem or snowflake would help smiley

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