tuesday 09/10/2012

I agree with ghelas. I now rate down any deck like this.

I would change Mayhem to Raeth but i was trying to keep it low in price smiley

monday 08/10/2012

@Signomi Ld:

Kalindra's ability was meant to be "+1 pills per damage" before the staff nerfed her at the last minute. She still turned out overpowered, but at least they made the effort. Spyke, eddie and beeboy I think are just the staff overcompensating for weak clans.

sunday 07/10/2012

As + Freaks - Next week
As + Uppers - Next week .

Yes I know you may say Karen for these decks , don't you think I know that ? It'd be really tedious to keep on making those decks again + posting them . I'll make them now that you'll mention them but rate up + comment anyway!

If you hate say why please!!

What I dislike about the recent trend is that it shifts the game from being strategic to being intuitive.

Instead of counting pills, working out various scenarios, and developing contingency plans, now it's all about intuitive guesses on when your opponent is gonna nuke. It's getting harder and harder to mathematically corner your opponent these days, not when he can simply blow the game with a 50-50 nuke-or-bluff in the very first round. You can only rely on intuition in those situations.

I know intuition is an important part of every card game, but the fact elo matches are random makes it very hard to get a good grasp of your opponents' skill level. That lv 27 "noob" might actually be a good player's second account, and that lv 68 "pro" might've joined the game last month and spent his time in DM. And since the game only lasts 4 rounds with emphasis on the first and second, by the time you get an accurate read of your opponent's skill level the game is already over.

saturday 06/10/2012

@the oracle You forget that Montana's cannot 1 pill bluff against other atk manip decks. You have to know how to use their weaknesses against them. If you're constantly trying to brute force overpill against them you're doing it wrong.

Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In any case, you can still try Skeelz.

thursday 04/10/2012

Nice deck when everythings unbanned.

tuesday 02/10/2012

Not complaining about azel actually i was aiming at karrion.
azgroth is nowhere near as good as gibson, and gibson isnt even that good of a card anymore, being overlooked by his 4* teammates.
dudley ld isnt that great either, I would go as far as saying glorg and magenta are both better choices.

I really just want a 5* that really works for nightmare without constantly struggling to win a round.

monday 01/10/2012

The obvious answer is that it all depends on the weekly meta. After getting a good weekly build know the matchups and what to do in almost every scenario.

Now if you are looking for one clan to use week in and week out its all preference. Like personally I use a half deck(2 of the 3) with either montana, piranahs, jungo. I also have a mono variant for montana and piranahs. I feel having a combination of clans will allow you to be ready every week.

So find a clan or two that fits your style and adjust to the weekly meta.

sunday 30/09/2012

It depends on the bonus of the character aswell . There's no point giving a 8 7 Stop card in a clan like Montana smiley
I'd give one to Soa Weak clans at first for example Montana + Nightmare and see how it works out . It's better to give like a 2 - 3* a stop ability because if a 5* gets it he'll have to have base stats of something like 7 7 , 8 6 with a decent bonus people say that's OP

saturday 29/09/2012

Thay are now unbanned but Marina was hit lol.

friday 28/09/2012

How about mr. human torch? good at bluffing..

Lorna/danae could be switched but if you have the chance get andy ld a lot better than praxie

thursday 27/09/2012

@the oracle: The key to playing most risky cards isn't making an all-in or all-out decision on the first turn. Imagine that you have Baldovino and someone like Esmeralda or Akendram. Why not just open with them?

If your opponent underpills, you land poison at low cost, yay!
If your opponent overpills a bit, now Baldovino starts looking really intimidating...

I used to play Junkz / Piranas .

Hawkins Tyd Ector Raeth .
Qubik Tremorh Gibson Veenyle Cr . (Gibson covers if no Sob is there . Veenyle is there cuz she's a dr and the deck has none.)

You could try Mono Junkz that's worked well in the past.

Tolliver and Thormund are the best junta two stars in a mono junta deck. If you think otherwise, you probably dont play junta very much.

Tolliver is an absolute beast, and not many people know how to play against him (particularly when you have 2 6+ dmg cards sitting in your hand and your opponent doesnt want to be hit by them).

wednesday 26/09/2012

I'd personally only use Bloodh in a Piranas-Jungo hybrid if ever and that's assuming Askai is banned for that week.

tuesday 25/09/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Massiv to B Ball and Ngrath to Anakrohm.

Nice deck. I would personally change Buck to Numar and if possible Heitachi to Futoshi Ld.

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