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tuesday 04/09/2012

The answer is to use soa by youself, and roots is preferable

monday 03/09/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Lizzy to Taylor.

Hi, Im sorry but you posted a link to the preset creation screen not a preset.

To get a link to a preset go to the preset after its been created and then copy the hyper link. It should look like this

Mono GHEIST or Mono Montana might work better then GHEIST/Mantana half deck.

Hi, to make the link work change the = to :

Greetings, thread reader. I need your help once more.

This week, I have created the type of deck I had postponed last week. It is a Sakrohm and Ulu Watu half deck, and it's based around life gain and damage reduction. Can you take a look and tell me what you think of it?

Prepare Uranus

I am unsure of some of my deck choices. I feel like the hands are kind of unbalanced, because I have two DRs in one split and no DRs on the other one.

One of the alternatives (as suggested by a few of my guildmates) is to have Nimestiec over Aleister and Gabrielle over Taigo. But I feel like Taigo is more usable without his bonus than Gabrielle.

Please take a look and tell me what you would change. And you know, maybe rate it green? It wouldn't hurt.

Thanking you,


It's a nice idea, but I doubt it's feasible. Averaging people's weekly ELO score wouldn't work; weeks where you didn't have much (or any) time/desire to play would make you seem like a much worse player than you actually are. On the other hand, if resets happened, say, every 4 weeks, there would be no incentive for people to play for the entire 4 weeks, because they could reach near their peak score in a single week. That would wreak havoc with prize distribution, weekly ELO bans, and probably a few other aspects of the game.

Ultimately, UR aims to please both the players who enjoy strategy, and the players who enjoy the element of luck. I think it does a fair job of meeting somewhere in the middle. I personally would love to see more "skill-based" modes of play and rating/ranking systems... Unfortunately, I doubt that's hat the future holds.

saturday 01/09/2012

Awesome guys! Thanks for all the responses!

friday 31/08/2012

thursday 30/08/2012

I would change sah brinak to tiwi ld . SUPER DECK smiley

deleted could work well due to the berzerks damage and the roots damage reducers.

wednesday 29/08/2012

To make the hyperlink work you need to change the = to :

monday 27/08/2012

Interesting deck. Congrats on the 1300. You could try changing Andsom to Baba.

We dont need no ur anus! smiley

LOL love Sak/ strong and annoying to face

I would drop Murray to woodsy and up Isucktits to Haaken.....Frozn's 2* are so pathetic it's not funny

Also Jautya> petra giving you more stability vs SOB and SOA and the overall "Oh god not that stupid wall card' attitude

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