monday 27/08/2012

LOL love Sak/ strong and annoying to face

I would drop Murray to woodsy and up Isucktits to Haaken.....Frozn's 2* are so pathetic it's not funny

Also Jautya> petra giving you more stability vs SOB and SOA and the overall "Oh god not that stupid wall card' attitude


sunday 26/08/2012

Nice deck. smiley

Jalil --> Rodney/Scopica
Stacy --> Jessie

saturday 25/08/2012

Got all the information I was seeking. Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread.

Looks good enough for me.......right now to fight pussycats, i would go for a little tweaks
i) Praxie for Cley OR Danae for Snowflake
ii) Redra for Liam (u need a dr)
iii) Dr for Aigwon (u need a SOA)

friday 24/08/2012

Works nicely, what do you guys think?

Ninjas dancing

Interesting deck. I personally like Azgroth more then Azel and Mawpin more then Eadh.

XU52 to Wardom is a must, and if you plan to use it in ELO, wait for a week when Bristone or Leviatonn are unbanned. Klawz is an okay card, but she lacks consistency.

tuesday 21/08/2012

Phyllis is a really nice 2* but its utility drops towards the end of the battle (So both Mawpin and Phyllis have a certain extent of restriction on their usage, maybe Phyllis has less). But I agree with ghelas that she is a really good choice for a Nightmare ELO deck. It's a matter of preference.

monday 20/08/2012

Trying cards is the best way to see if they work for you smiley

Nice deck. I would personally change Fabio to Avola.

1300 brainless spammers?

I only broke 1300 once, and that was with mono-Freaks a few years back.


I *wsh* I had that kind of trouble.

thursday 16/08/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Kenny to Azgroth as I like his 8 power.

Interesting deck. smiley

wednesday 15/08/2012

Hmmm I think I know who I'm going to put in votes alongside Askai and Kalindra...

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dieter to pan and Edwin to sargh.

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