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monday 20/08/2012

1300 brainless spammers?

I only broke 1300 once, and that was with mono-Freaks a few years back.


I *wsh* I had that kind of trouble.

thursday 16/08/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Kenny to Azgroth as I like his 8 power.

Interesting deck. smiley

wednesday 15/08/2012

Hmmm I think I know who I'm going to put in votes alongside Askai and Kalindra...

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dieter to pan and Edwin to sargh.

Well, what's your play style? There's stun decks, pillz manip, atk manip, life-gap... the list is endless.

Awesome deck, harvey and coby are always deadly
i think your deck is fine right now, but after 1300+, maybe better if you put in kyle and/or flinch

I think herman and nellie are weak without their bonus, so i always try to avoid running them in half decks
the new one with montana looks better

tuesday 14/08/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ngrath to Anakrohm because I like copy bonus: opp and WoodXsxt to Aleister.

I really think Leviatonn is less of a threat than Draheera. Draheera was a scary 9 powered card you had to overpill to beat. For Leviatonn you can just perfect pill him with any 7+ pwr card of choice and not really care. Seriously, in most cases who'd be silly enough to play 9 pillz on Leviatonn on the first turn?

monday 13/08/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Chiara to Jane Ramba Cr (If possible) and Redra to Wardog.

Yeah I'd have to agree, the Skeelz 3*s are not as good as some of their other cards.

Of course with all the mono-Uppers, mono-Jungo and Jungo hybrids out there(the number of which are getting ridiculous) I wonder if gheist still stands a chance in this week's format.

I think it looks like a good deck. i wouldnt change a thing. except i dont like vortex. but if your having trouble with edwin you can always go with pan.

saturday 11/08/2012

Be warned though, bad splits can kill a Piranas-Junkz hybrid. Junkz are also very vulnerable to SoA clans and dmg reduction will weaken a deck that already suffers from low dmg. So be careful in what cards you pick.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Karen to kang but its up to you.

Nice deck. I prefer Kang to Karen but its a personaly choice.

friday 10/08/2012

So long ago, it used to be a "training room" for Elo. Very useful

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