sunday 05/08/2012

Bryan, Isatis, Arnie, Wyre, Trish, Laura, Thormund, Dean

Jsut look if your ELO rises or tumbled after the game.

saturday 04/08/2012

Your deck is kinda messed up , it doesn't focus on any thing ( life,pillz ? )
I prefer running a deck like this :

My rule of thumb with Uppers is to use at least 5 to guarantee the bonus. Junkz + Uppers isn't an ideal mix but Junkz are ok with 3. Gibson -> Qubik is a good upgrade. If you go down to 3 Junkz you'll need to lose Jiro as his ability is the least reliable. You probably want Maurice -> Kayazan as well since you are very light on damage. I generally don't suggest Veenyle Cr but she is useful mixed with Uppers and might be a better fit than Flanagan.

I'm a big, big fan of Samantha but you might change her to Jose Star to further improve damage.

Jose Star
Veenyle Cr

This preset could use an 8 power character that in Uppers would be Kazayan -> Dorian, and in Junkz Tremorh -> Eebiza or Fizzle, but to make that move you would have to drop Rubie -> Samantha or Tremorh -> Flanagan, which are both very costly tradeoffs.

I think hes annoyed this is the most commonly used (pretty much only used) bezerk half deck, hes probably just tired of seeing them in elo etc. which is fair enough imo

Don't get nervous. That's important. Play Like a Boss smiley

thursday 02/08/2012

Greem chiara lorna/andy ld redra = 12
dagg c wing deea x-odus = 13

wednesday 01/08/2012

Nice deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Azel to Pan, Ivy to Gianfranco and Cutey to Sargh.

Go mono-FPC. All stars are weighing you down

monday 30/07/2012

Yeah thats what I meant this deck would work really well in another elo environment, as of now roots would be the best choice in clan to run elo imo since they counter berzerk reasonably well.

Spyke...Spyke everywhere...

So i'm thinking all stars, gheist and roots would do well in elo

saturday 28/07/2012

What room and deck format are you using? I rarely see GHEIST

friday 27/07/2012

Don't forget Ahkab. His power ain't much, but he's an excellent fork in the 3rd round.

tuesday 24/07/2012

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