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thursday 09/08/2012

Jesse Karen Marina and Stacey fpr All Stars
Hefty Kazayan Oxen and Wendel.

Doesn't work better than previous one (1100 reached, but no more. The old one lead me to 1250)

tuesday 07/08/2012

Ive tried the advice and ive came to a conclusion the decks everyone chose focused on frzn being dominant which i dont like doing. I prefer being unpredictable. I can easly play aylen and lose but have a frzn to win smiley or win with otto and lose ayah it because it throws opponents off gaurd. Thanks for the help but this one should be played as it is smiley

Ok deck. I would personally change Don to Jimmy, Ivy to Moses and Vito to Gianfranco.

monday 06/08/2012

Doesn't using Greem make my 24 and not 25 stars? And are you saying artus is a good replacement for either of them since I cannot use two of him? If so which is he a better replacement for?

Thank you all again for sharing half deck ideas smiley find some of suggestions extremely helpful smiley

X-0dus/dagg, deaa, c wing, cyb lhia or dregn, dagg/x-0dus, c wing, neloe

best half decks for vortex as elo trends and playing shows

Pussycats is quite weak against SoA and they work better with sakrohm . Using 2 clans without attack/power manipulation is hard to win .

You could use FPC with Bangers , why ? because they both have lots of SoB/SoA cards with great stats, you can make a deck like this :
Beeboy Randal Loocio Graff
Futoshi LD Shifou Ralph Kusuri

2 copy opp's bonus
2 SoA
1 SoB

sunday 05/08/2012

Bryan, Isatis, Arnie, Wyre, Trish, Laura, Thormund, Dean

Jsut look if your ELO rises or tumbled after the game.

saturday 04/08/2012

Your deck is kinda messed up , it doesn't focus on any thing ( life,pillz ? )
I prefer running a deck like this : http://urban-rivals.me/29324

My rule of thumb with Uppers is to use at least 5 to guarantee the bonus. Junkz + Uppers isn't an ideal mix but Junkz are ok with 3. Gibson -> Qubik is a good upgrade. If you go down to 3 Junkz you'll need to lose Jiro as his ability is the least reliable. You probably want Maurice -> Kayazan as well since you are very light on damage. I generally don't suggest Veenyle Cr but she is useful mixed with Uppers and might be a better fit than Flanagan.

I'm a big, big fan of Samantha but you might change her to Jose Star to further improve damage.

Jose Star
Veenyle Cr

This preset could use an 8 power character that in Uppers would be Kazayan -> Dorian, and in Junkz Tremorh -> Eebiza or Fizzle, but to make that move you would have to drop Rubie -> Samantha or Tremorh -> Flanagan, which are both very costly tradeoffs.

I think hes annoyed this is the most commonly used (pretty much only used) bezerk half deck, hes probably just tired of seeing them in elo etc. which is fair enough imo

Don't get nervous. That's important. Play Like a Boss smiley

thursday 02/08/2012

Greem chiara lorna/andy ld redra = 12
dagg c wing deea x-odus = 13

wednesday 01/08/2012

Nice deck. smiley

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