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monday 16/07/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ongh to Benicio and Sunder to Dagg.

I really like copy: bonus opp which is why i suggested Lorna.

friday 13/07/2012

Thnx guys, but im not that rich... smiley anyway nice suggestions... atm im gettin' my money for Haaken... and Kalindra and Dagg won't see light of my collection for a long long time... any presets ya want to share? smiley

Thank you for the suggestions

thursday 12/07/2012

I'd drop Lizzie to Elvis and up Bernie to Lola
Then upgrade Niva to Askai and drop Scopica for Mindy or that koala

tuesday 10/07/2012

Thanks guys smiley

I had the same problem and i still have another smiley i tried to go on elo but they said my deck can't exceed 25 but i take cards out my deck but still the same thing pops up what do i do? Please help!

saturday 07/07/2012

Annuqa would be a great card for your last 3* spot.
Oh, and Brittany over Wanda for your deck seems the better idea because of the attack manip, methinks.

friday 06/07/2012

I find mono nightmare pays off moe than half decks

Nice deck. I would personally change Scopica to Gerald because i really like copy: bonus opp.

thursday 05/07/2012


Interesting deck. smiley


Explains the basic things you need to know when you want to make a new deck.

Every Week.
ELo score will reset on Monday on another ELO Tournament.

Good Deck. But unsure if this deck could reach higher than 1300. smiley

sunday 01/07/2012

Appart from Dorian being ELO banned (Change him to Hefty) theres nothing wrong.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Enzo to Edd Cr (Desmond if you can't afford Edd Cr) and Jose Star to Oxen.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Fuzz to Maazk, Onik to Jiro and if possible Spiaghi to Veenyle Cr (She might have minimum 2 but she will get a bonus.

saturday 30/06/2012

Thanks for the feedback! Montana definitely seems to be getting more well-rounded these days, definitely a good pick if you decide to go mono. Being able to win 3 rounds if you have to is a huge asset.

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