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monday 11/06/2012

Ok deck. If possible i would change Gus to Taylor, Kostner to Bernie, Norman to Lola and Revok to Elvis.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ayah to Selma and Ector to Annuqa.

Decks with high damage cards or cards with posion could help you.

This happens on sundays when the system is switching from one week of ELO to the other... a weird ELO twilight zone where wins and losses dont count.... doesnt last too long.

I prefer Haze smiley

btw it's a she not a he smiley

sunday 10/06/2012

Looking to see if i missed anything and some ideas if i did.


Uppers + Skeelz 1/2 deck (5 Uppers + 3 Skeelz) is a wonder combination!

Skeelz is the better mono deck simply because Uppers have some of the weakest selection of 2* characters. But you are best off combining Upper's dominant big characters with Skeelz's useful small characters.

If you want to be super aggressive: Dorian, Nellie, Kayazan, Rubie, Oxen, Redra, Liam, Sasha. Of course there are a lot of other takes on this as well.

saturday 09/06/2012

What do you mean. smiley

thursday 07/06/2012

Most run ( from top to bottom in order or relevance )

Mono Sentinel
Freaks split
All star split
Mono gheist
Jungo split

Interestingly so i saw no ulu watu split but eddie is out

Interesting deck. I would personally change Harleen to Esmeralda and Piotr to Akendram.

Nice deck. I would personally change Bloodh to Selma and Noemi to muze.

The reason I personally don't like playing Mono is because I feel it makes each one of your draws that much more predictable. There are only a certain number of "moves" that are really good with each Mono hand, and most of us know them by now. The trick to beating an opponent playing Mono might just be guessing which of 2 or 3 possible standard openers they go with.

If you want to make a 4/4 deck where split draws aren't a problem, just try to make sure that the vast majority of your cards either have solid base stats or strong abilities. Then bonus is bound to be less of an issue.

wednesday 06/06/2012

Frozn doesn't have much else, but they have an amazing selection of 3 stars. Adding to the already mentioned clans, Sakrohm also has a nice selection of low cards. Though not extremely popular, La Junta low cards can 2HKO even in ELO. The +10 twins from Jungo are nice and you can have Pegh too. Lots of options out there.

And Jungo, GHEIST, Skeelz and Montana (probably in that order).

sunday 03/06/2012

Diffler, you do realize you're replying to a half-year-old post, don't you? smiley

saturday 02/06/2012

Very good points! Thanks smiley


friday 01/06/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Kostner to Kawamashi. (You have enuth + life as it is).

Interesting deck. I would personally change Nellie to Maurice and Rubie to Pallack.

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