saturday 14/04/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Edwin to sargh and Karen to kang.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Krazan Ld to Craho.



You don't have any 5* on your deck
try using mine
"Fire in the Hole" reached 1300 with this deck

thursday 12/04/2012

Thanks. Have been out for a few months, and i didn't remember people conceding at all.
I'm glad conceding carries no ELO penalty, lenghening 0pill fights is bad.

wednesday 11/04/2012


This improved one is good. But as you see in your comments, put Jiro instead of Otakool

tuesday 10/04/2012

I forgot Spiaghi my bad

monday 09/04/2012

Which i have, and i think i only lost 12 points ...(2 + 4 + 6) ...

saturday 07/04/2012

So when this bug will be fixed? And only some people playing elo have this bug?

friday 06/04/2012


It's a good deck that runs over a lot of clans with no power/attack manipulation. It's also valid in Standard, and if I was using it in elo I would of course take out some subpar Standard cards.

wednesday 04/04/2012

This deck is a hell of a lot like a one trick pony. Predictable, and counterable. All the above advice is good.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Aylen to Tomas, Eloxia to Belgosi and Todd to Chiara.

Good deck. I would personally change Ongh to Askai and Radek to Gerald.

Cannot see the deck preset

Nightmare for me are quite predictable, you just need cards that have a good base stat, or very useful ability. I find piranas to be more troublesome, their pilling pattern is hard to guess.

tuesday 03/04/2012

Ok thanx everyone

La Junta also have good versatility in 3*, lots of different abilities in Wyre, Trish, Jane Ramba Cr, Nahomi, Laura & Archibald. Even Bruce is playable.

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