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friday 27/04/2012

Good deck. I would personally change Kostner to Bernie and Ranesh to Taylor.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dolly to Bristone and Uma to Kawamashi.

I just fund that without a manipulation ability Nyema can have difficaulty winning to get the damage in and along with the jungo bonus + life is in high abundance.

monday 23/04/2012

Read news. The system is told there

Nice deck. smiley

Ok deck. I would personally change Bloodh to Scubb and Hawkins Noel to Tyd.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ivy to Spiaghi.

Arnie is better at KOing as if he loses you get some of the pillz back to allow you to KO with anuther card and Lorna can have some really helpful abilitys depending on the clan shes used against.

Why both?

play defensive with roots

friday 20/04/2012


I like GHEIST and Nightmare decks myself.

Buba (only in Mono).

Nice deck. Sadly its been badly hurt by ELO bans.

I think NM/GHEIST is a weak combination, personally. Both of those bonuses tend to be defensive in nature. You may find yourself having trouble winning the rounds you really need to win. Mix either Nightmare or GHEIST with an attack manip clan or with Vortex, and you're in business.

That aside, my recommendation for your current deck:
-Rei out, Kusuri in
-Ruby out, Maurice in

This makes your deck a lot more versatile, and a lot stronger vs SoA. As it stands now, you would have 3 characters with 5 power and 1 character with 6 power against SoA... Even with the Uppers attack bonus, 5 power isn't much to work with.

Good luck!

thursday 19/04/2012

wednesday 18/04/2012

I would ditch Amanie for Gretchen
Pop Craho to Rico or Noodile Cr....obvs the former is cheaper and IMO a bit better
Drop Cutey to Phyliss or Mawpin
Upgrade Kenny to Karrion

There we go, a scary combo for ELO

tuesday 17/04/2012

Esmeralda and Wonald and Spiaghi if you need a 3rd 2*.

Akendram, Varoslav and Lola if you need a 3rd 3*.

Dregn, Dagg, C Wing, Deea, Neloe, Qorah, Cyb Lhia and X-0DUS.

This deck can do well smiley

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