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sunday 01/04/2012

Thanks, guys. I think I will try and play 2 matches, and see how it goes. If i win them both, i'll try and reach the 1300

Nice deck. Sadly Ghumbos banned.

Wow looks good, but would fuzz > Jiro and and Ivana > Baby Q work?

saturday 31/03/2012

Here's mine if you want to use it. Just me sure to rate up smiley
Road to Vickie Cr smiley

The deck seems fine. If you have trouble it might be that fang pi clang isn't the clan for you.

The problem with an all-3* deck, or a 44433322 deck is that:
1. There usually aren't that many quality 3*s and 4*s in a clan
2. In many matches, it's more efficient to win with a 5* and lose with a throwaway 2*, than to win and lose with 3 and 4*s
3. 5*s have better base stats, better power and better damage, so they have a sort of amplifying effect on the pills you put on them.

44433322 is warranted when your clan lacks good 5*s, or they have awesome 4*s that are almost 5*ish in gameplay, like spyke or X-0dus.

54433222 is good for mono decks that lack a third 3* option or have two good 4*s, but a bit dangerous for half decks since 9* 3-1 splits are almost always an autolose smiley

54333322 is good for half decks, but difficult for monos because there are seldom four good 3*s in a clan unless you're splashing

55333222 is reserved for weeks where two overpowered 5*s are inexplicably unbanned (like the legendary caelus/copper weeks in the past) or for the Rescue clan, where star count is less important than their sweet, sweet bonus.

friday 30/03/2012

1. Cliff
2. Aurora
3. Pastor
4. Hax/Nancy (Nancy is to situational for my taste and too heavily hurt by DRs compared to Aurora, out of the 2 i like hax petter because he works nice w/ 10 power and your opponent is left wonerin wht to do but its purely preference)

thursday 29/03/2012

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, I will take all of your opinions into account. You've all been very helpful!

wednesday 28/03/2012

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. It's really great and I appreciate it a lot.

Now I have a good idea to what I should buy (and sellsmiley

I'm sure she will most people seem to prefer Pastor she's only that expensive because she just came out give her a few weeks and for that deck I think Elvira and Lea show up in weekly bans enough you'd want to have replacements ready

tuesday 27/03/2012

You could try changing Nakata to Fei and Chlora to Randal.

monday 26/03/2012

Sharon> Mona
Ace> Princey

sunday 25/03/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Buck to Numar and Stanly to Serena. This does decrease the ammount of damage but in ELO you don't have to KO.

Rescue and Sentinel are strong (too strong?) for Elo and have a variety of abilities depending on your style

saturday 24/03/2012

Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation! And I hope you stay #1 this week!

I don't really play sent but I'd say Martha is better simply because in ELO that extra 2 power she has is much better then the 1 damage you gain with Skiner

friday 23/03/2012

I prefer Melvin because he only loses 1 damage but his ability is activated all the time and you can never have enuth Dr.

This is pretty good.
1 thing I would change due to personal, biased preference (when I say biased, I mean that it's my opinion and you don't really have to follow me.) would be Randal to Loocio. I will move further on to explain why.

The change I suggested, Randal to Loocio, will be because your deck already has more than enough SoA. The only draws where you won't get any SoA will be if you get Blaaster Cr, Chlora, Loocio and 1 Roots card. That is pretty unlikely and you don't always need SoA. Also, one problem will be that if you have too much SoA, you may have trouble playing against stop abilities like Flinch as your strategy will be heavily affected. Loocio also has the 10 power that can wall through Boohma or Martha easily. Lastly, If you really need Randal that much, I would suggest changing Graff to something aggressive like Massiv or Bennie/Kevlaer.

Personally, when I play Bangers, I make it a point to add in Vermyn N after Blaaster Cr. This is because I don't like B ball much as a DR and the high damage and -4 DR gives me an excellent versatility sweep to the game. However, you have Jeena and Yookie so you do not need the DR. Contrary to that, Chlora or Shogunn are excellent aggressive cards that should be more useful than Vermyn N in your deck. While Chlora may be weak against SoB abilities like Lehane/Petra, Shogunn fails terribly to SoA. This can however be protected by your Roots.

Hoped I helped!

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