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sunday 18/03/2012

Sorry for the mini-Necro... smiley
This is the 2nd week I tried it and I scored 1433. I'm stopping here...
More comments and rates are welcome?smiley

saturday 17/03/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Dalhia to Selma. You might lose 1 power but you gain 2 damage and + pillz means there is no minimum.

Who said GHEIST are weak ive never stopped using them smiley.

Nice deck aswell, In my deck i use Selsya Cr instead of Elke because i have selsya cr and i like her. If levetion is unbanned luba can be swapped for it.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dieter to sargh because i like sargh due to his attack manipulation.

I can't speak for FPC, but La Junta aren't used in ELO because people write them off as a 2 hit KO gimmick clan who can be easily countered. Both of these things are false and that is why people will continually lose to La Junta in the hands of good players. If you build a balanced deck instead of stockpiling damage and praying for 2 hit KOs, then you'll find that La Junta has a very powerful and very solid 2 hit trading deck that can out damage most opponents.

If you think Junta has a major vulnerability to SoA, then you're playing them wrong. Ray, Gatline, Bryan, Wyre, Jane Ramba, Thorimund, and Victoria are all Tier 1 cards that are fine against SoA, if not ridiculously powerful (Vic). If you run Isatis, Trish, and Dean in the same deck then yes, you'll find your deck is weak to SoA. That is your fault, not La Juntas. Yea you won't have easy mode against SoA clans like rescue can, but you can be on par.

@Anderson The low star hands are fine. Like any low star hand you're probably going to need to win three rounds against higher star hands in order to win. Against other low star hands, Junta is fine on damage. 4 damage on 2 star cards is standard if not better in the metagame. Your 3 star cards will likely have 5-7 damage which is average to high. You also have a DR at the 3* and 2* levels, which allows you to trade a bit easier.

friday 16/03/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Janice to Felicia. You might lose 2 damage but you gain 1 power and stop opp: bonus.

Oops sorry, my bad. I ment Gibson.

Mono Uppers
Beetenka/Wayne Stark
Frankie Hi

thursday 15/03/2012

Ok deck. I would personally change Frida to Lea, Suzie to Gordon and maby Aurora to Pastor.

But you DON'T have to lose with him. You still have 6 damage and you gain an extra power. The Defeat ability is backup.

Interesting deck. You could try changing kenny depending on how much you like him. maby glorg instead.

p.s well done on the 1300 ELO.

Interesting deck.

You could try changing Kenny to Karrion and Noemi to wanda but this depends on how much you like kenny.

wednesday 14/03/2012

Id drop Cyb Lhia> C Wing
Edwin> Pan
Phyllis> Mawpin (personaly preference)
Oflgn is good combo with this deck id keep him!

Id change Shogunn to Vermyn N
Kluwn> Juicy Lord if you dont like Loocio

personal preference
Fei> Heitachi
Wanda> brittany

tuesday 13/03/2012

Thanks alot

Interesting deck. I would personally change Cyb Lhia to C Wing as i find more then 1 posion card is usally a waste and Liam to Redra to help improve your revenge cards.

ELO isn't like other game modes where you need to win fast so 2 hit Ko decks don't really work. It is better to use a deck with cards which can beat your opponent’s cards or decrease the opponents cards usefulness e.g Drs and then aim to get your opponents life points lower than yours instead of Koing.

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