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tuesday 07/08/2012

I use morphun because i find the extra pillz each round more helpful then the power boost every other round.

friday 03/08/2012

Your deck already deleted

Change Graks to Marina. Don't you like Marina's bonus

tuesday 31/07/2012

Marina to Graks so you enjoy its bonus smiley

Interesting deck. Congrats on the 12 wins.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Caelus Cr to Zatman. Without his bonus Caelus is a bit too weak to stop opp: ability.

sunday 29/07/2012

What I can say is that you put too 5 stars in this deck and it could be very hard for on 5th stage where you have only 8 pillz for 15 life points.So put Robb on Sirgud and Oshitsune on Karrion.it will be better like that.And don't forget to put morphun in 5th stage.

wednesday 25/07/2012

I would change miss stella to uranus. Nistarok to Peeler. And akhab for something, so you could get bonus. Probably Taham or Mazk even eebiza.

monday 16/07/2012

Wow good work on those 21 wins
You people have given me hope for the future of survivor and I thank you for that

friday 13/07/2012

Good Deck smiley

monday 09/07/2012

thursday 05/07/2012

Another Rescue Deck Reaching above 20 Wins in Survivor.
congratz Sohmax. You made it once again on Survivor smiley

Congratz matey smiley

monday 25/06/2012

Interesting deck. I agree that you should change Miss Stella to Dwan.

friday 22/06/2012

I agree with those changes. smiley

thursday 21/06/2012

It depends on your other half. In the first few rounds you have more pillz to work so there is no need for too much attack manipulation. Since Skeelz dont rely on their bonus, you should have more Sakrohm cards in your deck, and less Skeelz.

tuesday 19/06/2012

Genius smiley

Interesting deck. I would change Eklore to Morphun.

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