friday 16/07/2010

Ehat u have plus Emeth/ Naginata if Emeth is 2 much
Dean and Gatline
also Trish fot Uxoh
Junta is best in mono

Here they are:


I can't believe I actually got 7 wins...

saturday 10/07/2010

Your level is to low to play t2

friday 09/07/2010

Or should I just try to master this one?

Made a variation to the sentinel/jungo survivor elo deck.

Will cost more now and contains a lot of 2 star cards that could create some trouble if those are drawn in the same hand.

thursday 08/07/2010

Ok and thanks for great suggestions

tuesday 06/07/2010

Well i used Ulu watu and ambre and got 9 wins so im happy, probabily could do better if i kept using the deck, I might try Bangers and Ambre like you said or Nightmare and Ambre sounds pretty good. Thanks anyway.

Thread closed.

friday 02/07/2010


My Survivor deck, Comment/Rate.

thursday 01/07/2010

tuesday 29/06/2010

Lol. if i get a bad hand i dont even try to prolong it. especially when i know the other person can win quite easily, they would need it more than me. id rather get that battle over with and start the next one. if i got a strong hand i go for it. people have ruined my streak (admittedly of just 6) so i can ruin theres now cant i?
dont play much survivor anymore. sold my tan man and dont really want to sell stuff to get him back although i do like survivor.

sunday 27/06/2010

Thanks I think elklore would be superior to Morphun if she had a min of zero but she dosent, Perhaps morphun would allow you to go gung ho against some one without him and then realy on a card with two powerful attack manipulators for the final or second last round, sob or soa should not greatly reduce the strength of that attack manipulator ideally they would have +12 +12 ! so +24 in total or at least a +12 and a solid power of 6/7 and even all stops would struggle!

friday 25/06/2010

Ditto math there.
but them with say uppers/montana and you might find the later stages quite easier, i mean you will get pillz pack if you lose but still be able to force pillz

(id reccomend using 3 vortex morphun and uppers if you want to do well smiley)

Eyrik and when you reach 35 try ambre

thursday 24/06/2010

Change Bridget to Adler or Ongh smiley

wednesday 16/06/2010

Pam to Wesley !
And Suzie is better.

Don't take Anita on the elo-survive, it can't outmaneuver!

monday 14/06/2010

Rescue elo sans marco!!

i got 21 victorys in survivor with it smiley took a few days training but it works smiley

saturday 12/06/2010

I'll try some of these decks n see how I do, I've used graks before, back when I used to use Sakrohm/ulu watu, again though, only got 14.

Draheera? Really?

monday 07/06/2010

No go mono jungo you have better cards for them and a leader that accomidates them, sell your sentenials and buy some more staple jungo

monday 31/05/2010

There is no such thing as Type 1 Survivor

So I think you should move to a different part of the board if you're not playing in the "Survivor" game mode, which is what this section is for.

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