Log of Staff Ban Explanations:

March 20 2018

Tourney Type 2, added to the ban list:
Judge Lynch
Oon Cr
Butcher Braxton

Tourney Type 2, removed from the ban list:

Tourney Type 1, added to the ban list:
Robb Cr

Tourney Type 1, removed from the ban list:

Tourney Type 2:
Recently, tourney Type 2 revolved a bit too much on the usage of Judge Lynch, Schatzi and Zaveli splashed, paired with 5 or 6 cards of another clan.
We don’t like splash cards to be too popular and this is why we decided to add to the ban list those 3 cards, the same thing we did with similar cards like Phoebe, Beck - Nena and Spyke Mt.
For the most used clans, Bangers and Hive were the most popular options.
We decided to add Joy, Shinobi and Oon Cr to the ban list.
Last but not least, we added both Nekron and Butcher Braxton to the ban list. The reason is that these cards are against the logic of a TQ, and players using these cards would make the matches unnecessary long and frustrating for competitive players.

Tourney Type 1:
Compared to tourney Type 2, in Type 1 high level cards are not played that much since they don’t award the player too many points.
The only exception to this rule was Shinobi, who proved to be extremely popular in Bangers decks.
There was a bit of a ‘trio’ of clans dominating TQ type 1 recently: Bangers, All Stars and Uppers (since the release of McLayton).
We decided to add to the banlist one card for each of those clans: Robb Cr, Shinobi and Wendel.
We’ve also added Schatzi to the ban list, as he was popular as a splash card here as well.
Last but not least, we decided to restore Lehane by banning John and to restore Floyd by banning Glover, to slightly boost those clans who aren’t too much played at the moment.
We considered a return of Avola as well, but first we want to observe the impact of Mimmo in the DT meta.

Source: Tourney Update

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr tuesday 20/03/2018, 18:36

As this guide is 2 years old. I am closing this until I find another player willing to give a more updated DT guide.

If anyone knows someone who will be interested in creating a more recent DT guide. Please contact me.

With the new system with standard vs extended etc etc. How do the DT's work now as don't see seperate room for 25* down and 26* up. Are we all lumped into same room now and vs eachother with system autopairing within a certain *count or what? I'm just wondering for purposes of figuring out the highest possible scoring rate strategy deck wise as things do seem to changed a little bit, as I'm racking up much bigger scores with a 25* deck than I use to.

Guidance much appreciated.


No, protection serves only againts abilites with reduction of power, which power exchange "isnt". I can give you this example:
You have 5 power, the enemy has the reduction - 3 power minimum 2. Your power is protected from reduction, so you stay at 5 power.
Now imagine (it isnt implemented in the game), you have 5 power with protection (which protects you from reduction), the enemy has 7 power with power exchange.
You now have 7 power and the enemy has 5. So the exchange ability in theory isnt a straight up reduction type ability, but in most cases is.

sunday 14/07

Regarding Tourney Bans. Hard to tell as the pattern is less clear. I might suggest waiting monthly for these lists.

EFC on the other hand does weekly. There will be a reintroduction of the voting system for Z Palace players.

saturday 15/06

Give a try to Sharon , it's an underrated card that can be really useful. Maybe it's not as good as Moses, but it's pretty solid instead.

saturday 08/06

@ DUC-Elias : I notice that as well. Your matching will depend on the available players at the time you finish your match (at that exact moment), this issue never was a big problem before when it had a huge player base in '06-'08. The trick here is to have 2 decks which you can switch around during the tournament; by using multiple web browser to quickly set your deck before your match ends. You can have a mono-Raptors deck, while the other can be an attack manipulation deck. smiley

friday 07/06

Thanks, looks pretty good!

saturday 01/06

@Rowdy Mob Cr
Tues May 21, DT 10am-4pm EST, No rewards given out at all
Kate 1 Credit error bug is long time

Piranga and Lancedbz are correct
Players have to reach Top 1/3 to received 1 Credit

sunday 26/05

I take it the issue is solved?

If so, I am closing it now.

wednesday 01/05

I'm currently running a Montana deck which is based around hitting 8 damage with Don or Valter Bianco, then picking the 4 damage off however I can. It's been really fun to play and quite successful in T1.

The deck is:

***** Don (8 damage)
***** Valter Bianco (8 damage)

**** Gianfranco (a 7/4 with protected bonus

*** Mona (6/4 with -2 opponent damage - a strong candidate to follow up 8 damage)
*** Bella LD (a 6/4 with cancel opponents power and damage modifier - allows her to hit her 4 damage with regularity)

** Icaro (7/2 with -1 life win or lose allows it to set up 3 damage cards like Carmine or Homy)
** Homy (6/3 damage exchange)

Am I missing anything obvious with Montana here? Budget isn't an issue, I've got the full set, I just want to know if I can improve this deck anywhere, thanks!

tuesday 30/04

Haven't used Berzerk in a while now although Miloz and Melanie always were strong 2*. Clive and Konrad can be used together for a surprise KO

friday 26/04

There is no point on playing more than 8 cards in T1, it is done in T2 only to reach +25*

saturday 09/03

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@25thNight: I HATE that bug! But I've found when it happens, all you can do is leave the match. You don't have time to close the app and restart, and quitting is better than timing out, in my opinion...

monday 11/02

Grace, Newell, Fast bender, Berghart, Galileo, Boomstock are some good 2's and 3's for example

saturday 09/02

The same.
Maybe it's better to show what exactly is incompatible in the message.

thursday 31/01

So that's why! Thanks for the enlightenment @Thoazol

friday 18/01

Ops forgot mclain tourney banned

sunday 23/12/2018

By using a hand which has lower stars instead of a full 25* hand, you end up getting more points. The points you gain in DT per match is based on the star count of the cards you win with (along with a couple other factors). So, for example, if you win with a 2* card against a 5* card, you get 5 points. On the opposite, if you win with a 5* card against a 2*, you only get 1 point. That's what he means smiley

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