Hi I was wondering how on earth you get in contact with support in this game, I have emailed support, abuse, and tweeted at urban rivals and have gotten no replies in over a week. I just need to talk to someone about my account.

What about the invite to the Discord channel...wait I will add myself.smiley

True NaaRcho.

I was thinking about which ones are worth deleting in a sense that if a new player just went in the game, they would instantly know instead of having to search it up in a complex procedure.

Fury I think is worth removing since it is assumed a new player will (and should) play Tutorial Mode.

The other 3 I will keep until I get more suggestions. I will rephrase some parts too.

News/Info on this Thread

Updates might take a while if I am busy.

Testing a new feature for my guide to include card rarity next to their name.

Will fix the checklist to display rarity count.

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No problem, I actually do appreciate the effort made to get the old artworks for cards for reference.

Series 05 - Shut it Down

HQ 1 - Roots
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Bakuta Ld
HQ 2 - Lore Pack #1
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Rare card
HQ 3 - Huracan
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Buga Baga Ld
HQ 4 - Lore Pack #2
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Rare card
HQ 5 - Riots
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Dr Web Ld
HQ 6 - Variety Pack #1
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Rare card
HQ 7 - Hive
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Sight Ld
HQ 8 - Variety Pack #2
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Rare card
HQ 9 - GhosTown
Normal: 25'000 clinz | Hardcore: Djanghost ld

50*: 1 Common, 2 Uncommon, 3'000 BP
100*: 2 Uncommon, 1 Rare, 5'000 BP
150*: 2 Uncommon, 1 Rare, 5'000 BP
200*: 1 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 7'000 BP
270*: 1 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 7'000 BP
279*: 1 Collector (Silver)

Total: 225'000 clintz; 1 Common, 8 Uncommon, 10 Rare and 1 collector cards; Bakuta Ld, Buga Baga Ld, Dr Web Ld, Sight Ld, Djanghost ld and 27'000 BP

Thanks to all of the admins for the information!

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These are great strategies! Some have worked for me! I have less than a half million clintz but about 2 million in characters! Some characters I've had have gone CR!

Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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It is a ridiculous mission, but as was said earlier, you don't have to sell the cards and you don't have to go for the mission.
If you are selling cards you want to sell, to make more liquid money, then the mission is a nice bonus.
If you are selling a card, the gain is the clintz, the loss is the card. The tax is a thing, but if you're selling the card, you're okay with that.

"If you can beat Jackie pill for pill you are OP. If you can do it from 0-13 pils you are past what is humanly possible."

Not really. It also can be just a counter to that card. In Jackie's case take Flinch , for example.
He's everything but not OP and no superhuman. smiley

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No skeelz aint op, its me

Sometimes it could just be advertising. Showing that you have lots for sale. You’ll see sales forum posts by people doing that.


Yey! Thanks Rowdy!

Huh... so it does... Good catch.
Probably a leftover artifact from when the Goodies page was accessible? (It contained the full character artworks before they were accessible from each character page).

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My bad. Graxx bonus changed from 10x Clintz pr battle to 5x clintz pr battle. Which means he now has 5x Clintz pr battle as his bonus

Update Time:
Can someone please edit the original post so the Fire Rescue Team starts as:
****Fire Rescue Team****
Alec Mt (Firefighter)
Arms (Firefighter- Quick Climber)
Campbell (Firefighter-Aerial Response)

… and so on. I put the characters in alphabetical order, not realizing it would make adding new characters slightly harder... sorry.

Oh, apparently the link to Kerry Cr still works, despite it still reading as Kerry. The edit might break it, so whoever is editing this might have to be change #Kerry as well (She is located under Administration). I want to hold off on changing her role, as we don't know what happened to her yet.

Might as well make Scott ld the new rescue leader... UR has mentioned something about scott ld being a new hero every now and again at random times ever since his comic debut a few years ago.

sunday 11/11

saturday 10/11

Thanks, Silas_G bro! I'll keep cranking em out!

Thanks batdut5, that's actually one I don't have yet.

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