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@Greenraygun: Do you even read the reactions to your comments?
1) Read the forum description
2) Check post 4872+4873

Yeah, maybe I just can't wait, so I sold more than the mission asked for... smiley

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Its more expensive than a Ps5, i undeerstand that we are supporters of the game but thats way out of the Price Range, i think i speak for everyone and say we would rather spend money on Real Life Cards smiley

Do physical cards come with the square one. like how many cards?

Good luck selling

STRIKER IS IN!!!!smiley

In first post is link

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


Either copy opp or symmetry something mirror like


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So if this has already been answered here or in another place I apologize.

Regarding Deathmatch rewards based on how you place, Where do I see those? They aren't popping up as rewards like a mission would and the notification doesn't say anything except what place I made. How do I find this information?

Oculus bonus symmetry p&d -2
Symmetry is harder to activate than asym and being a conditional bonus like frozen it should be ok to be OP when it’s activated. You’ll likely only get the bonus on two rounds.

friday 15/01


No, he isn't

Waiting for Roots to get its two new bigs now

And Sakrohm too

thursday 14/01

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During the 3 day event, I completed 107 battles which got me 126 Crssmiley Then bought 20 Crypto packs within the last 5 minutes using most of the Crypto I got from the 'Win 50 Carmine's Opening Battles' mission, thought I might get screwed by Carmine's closing earlier, but I got the mission done 10 minutes before everything ended, thanks staff for the great event smiley

Condolences, his work shall be remembered and him too. smiley

If you did not get tickets, contact support directly or wait a bit, sometimes it takes a time.

tuesday 12/01

100% MTs. Blue wave is coming

monday 11/01

I don't care what background for the cards comes next as long as it's not the bland and boring blue-green color. Never bring it back, please.

sunday 10/01


That would be awesome!!! Amazing lost in time Quirklicious character

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