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Mystery Clan could be added.

To be fixed:

According to the pack, these are SemiEvos available in packs:

C Raoul, Pharah, Unagi, Nanastasia, Zera, Erpeto, Kuai Liang, XU-B0t, Alpha Dregn, Noctezupapa, Fuerza Ciega, Buba, Cybil, Tyd, Gwen, Svelthlana, Oakley, Lucky Noel,
Deaf Blake, Reeplay, Daphne, Willow, Dyan, Caciope, Sandro, Deebler, Navi, Warren, Gina Glitt, Burt, Sir Lambda,

U Matilda, Essie, Massiv, Juicy Lord, Vermyn N, Gus, Sprinter, Windy Mor, Xia Leming, Mamba, Windy Mor, Khann, Fraggle, Barbacoatl, Lin Xia, Padre Frollo, Uuber, Pillzinator, Ravebot, Nobrodroid, Maazk, Neil, Chiro, Mimmo, Valter Bianco, Don, Crowen, Christopher, Sting, Tortuga, Jasmine, Wanda, Charlie, July, Clarice, Beverly, Sequoyah, Scoler, Adam Quartz, Ellie, Zbuz, Cosmos, Belmundo, Fletcher, Flinch, Miranda, Irene, Rust, Mandrak, Waldegrin, Logan, Wee Lee, Van Heckton, Cristalys, Sekutor

R Schumi, LaFleur, Fixit, Silvano, Marjory, Cortez, Dookor, Moukrok, Death Adder, Linda, Nekurenbo, Lee Long, Madelone, Maciej, Zaveli, Schwarz, Oda Helpah, Krompah, Brok, Rad, Djengo, Anibal, No Love, XU-Kr4ng, Sentenza, Butcher Braxton, Maana Cercei, Devil Dog, El Divino, El Exotico, Salsa, Regina, Sobek, Byron, Stiko, Dawn, Glover, Walker, Naginata, Enzo, Mr Dark, Russel, Dj Korps, Nero, Dragomir, Raskal, Ahkab, Crook, Elly Mae, Vixen, Florida Jane Cr, Clara, Missandei, Impera Sloane, Rex Sweig, Benson, Dashiell, Buddy, Serafina, Lindsey, Octana, Jeena, Toorg, Leliana, Lakit, Stella, Chloe, Havok, McLain, Belgosi, Corvus, Wooly, Nereus, Oraya, Sir Barks, Gruber, Sabrina, Omega Dregn, C Dusk, Naele, Behemoth, Atkinson

Although usable without an ability, the current definition of a SemiEvo from readings dictates that they are a card that is usable before their final stage because they unlock their ability before the final stage.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr today at 23:35

There seems to be an issue with the Season 10 and 11 one. I will work to fix that when I have time.

NOTE: Issue Fixed. You can use this to get an idea of the Meta.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr saturday 28/07/2018, 16:38

sunday 10/03

Oh so it would affect the entire guild

Not really worth it then. I wish it was more convenient to be able to use semi-evos, like some sort of toggle or something on whether or not you gain XP

thursday 07/03

Are you sure? I'm noticing that on the latest app, a lot of abilities aren't showing up on the cards, but they do actually activate if you watch the difference in the pillz/life totals after the round. It's certainly annoying, though...

wednesday 06/03

Iactually just checked my battle history, maybe its just a graphical glitch showing +/-0 instead of the real value

sunday 24/02

Right now I'm using public presets I tried using white dragon's preset but I suck at using it. I do try to come up with a plan before making moves but it seems like most of the players know what I'm going to do before I don't it

OC_Hespera thanks for the reply.
By your example shouldn’t a 2000 rank technically be matches with anyone 1400-9999+??
If a 9999+ can match with a 1501 then a 1501 can match with a 9999+.
The wording should be once you reach Z palace you can match with anyone in Z palace. The 2100 requirement is pointless it just mean that you can ONLY match with Z palace players.

friday 15/02

Hi, If you ever find someone who you think is cheating please contact support so they can investigate and fix the bug.

Please don't name the player publicly incase they are not cheating or they are not doing it on purpose.

sunday 20/01

21 messages

For me at least, what bothers me most is the diversity.
before we would have perma ban cards , weekly bans and that's it , i know what i can play with that week and what i can't.
In EFC , i want to play a decent card that i like? like Marlysa Cr m only at chronomuscle ring , want to play with Striker Cr and Marina ? too bad you can't use both after chrono ring , and marina isnt very high too.
old elo , if marina was banned for 1 week?? too bad , but maybe i could play her next week , in EFC if I happen to be in a rank above , i can never play that card again ; it just feels so bad for me.
Not even speaking about the point system (changing soon ) that i win 10 lose 1 , and stay with same points.

sunday 13/01

hot 74 messages

I've been stuck at danger zone/chocomuscle ring because every now and then there's a deck with one of the extremely overpowered cards, and it sets me back 5 or so wins. it's really annoying and I just can't get excited about playing like ELO used to be

monday 24/12/2018

My current deck is okay against Raptors, but suffers againt Rescue and Montana. So please do all begin using Raptors smiley

friday 21/12/2018

Will the new latest arcade levels be free or buy only ?

saturday 08/12/2018

I see a lot of Pussycats, recently they received a lot of great cards. But you have to ask yourself if their bonus is what you need.
On the other hand you have Ghostown, their bonus is quite tricky even for the user because it is changing, but removal of 1 points of dmg is sometimes very crucial to the game and it is only just addition, beacuse there is also removal of power, which gives much more chances to win more rounds. And their bonus during the day is also very useful, try it by yourself.. ;p
Comanche is such a sweet beast..
For the lower zones they would be very good choice, but later.. For me they are very good in Tourney and Survivor, beacuse of cards that are allowed in that modes.

wednesday 05/12/2018

Bump for interest, will give my opinion later

tuesday 27/11/2018

Glad you made progress with Goure smiley

tuesday 13/11/2018

I was running a Freaks/Riots deck with an 80% winrate over the course of the 10 games that I played. I HAD A LOT OF FUN! Like... So much fun xd Freaks is something I hadn't tried before but they're actually pretty strong.

Strategies change a lot based on matchup so saying that 1 specific play is good is kinda not really right, as sometimes playing 9 on Bikini Joe Ld round 1 is the correct play, it really depends. I matched with Riots because that way I could afford to overpill to get the poison in.

My deck was:
Bikini Joe Ld, Pl4gue Ld, Matriochka, Liona + Agnes, Galileo, Kougloff, Pr Priest. You can try it smiley! I think Pr Priest is a bit weak so maybe change it? It's fun anyways tho.

tuesday 06/11/2018

Time to take some responsibility, the guys at efc with op cards are not very good. If you're good you'll climb.

saturday 03/11/2018

Nice to hear, but what about yesterdays rewards we missed out on?

wednesday 24/10/2018

Thank you both!

tuesday 23/10/2018

Yes I went past Dark corners last week and I was in the chocomuscle ring , so that must be why Thank you Rowdy.

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