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monday 08/02

sunday 07/02

Some cards give extra battle points. How can I see which cards or which cards give X5, x10, x50 more battle points?

thursday 04/02

I legit asked to remove the pin and now have 2 up instead of 0 smiley

I got Merweiss how lucky! smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Thanks smiley

Yees! finnaly won something smiley smiley congrats for reaching supreme bro!

tuesday 26/01

Hi guys im looking for a massive wop, just check on https://www.urban-rivals.com/fr/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2796063 with translator for details if you're interested smiley

friday 22/01

Good morning all,
So to start, each clan can only involve 4 players from its clan. (It's up to you to choose them well)
One big rule is respect.
I am creating this tournament in order to find out which clan has the best indoor players.
The prizes are purely symbolic. What will prevail in the end is the victory of a clan !!

I will only accept players once the same 4 members of the clan have registered.

A start date will be set once we reach the total of 16 clans for the tournament.

The course of the tournament:
First weekend:
Saturday: The 16 clans will return to war towards the maximum points.
The first 8 groups will advance to the rest of the tournament.
Sunday: The 8 qualified clans will resume the same war on points.
The first 4 groups will advance to the rest of the tournament.

Second weekend:
Saturday: The 4 clans will compete to win a place for the final.
Sunday :
Final: the two best clan to the top.
Small Final: The 3rd and 4th clan plays for a place on the podium.

Event: https://www.urban-rivals.com/events/admin/?id_event=118148

wednesday 20/01

To be fair you were blind not seeing Aviria Ld is banned all u had to do is check 1by1 in their pagessmileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 14/01

@Bastion_TCA Thank you for choosing my work, much appreciated. smiley

tuesday 12/01

sunday 10/01

Gonna make it harder next time for sure haha

wednesday 06/01

First come, first serve when it comes to the correct answer.

Thank you all for participating! I'll hopefully see your names again this weekend, for part #2

tuesday 05/01

hot 80 messages


saturday 02/01

IF you had something ready submit to the other Draw to win. Rewards will be sent out shortly.

friday 01/01


thursday 31/12/2020

[Guide] A complete step by step guide to making events - maybe u simply haven't generated the matches, or something with the dates

wednesday 30/12/2020

tuesday 29/12/2020

Okay closing this thread and gonna announce the winners of the cards shortly

monday 28/12/2020

Merci beaucoup, félicitations à tous et joyeux temps des fêtes smiley

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