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friday 14/09/2018

tuesday 21/08/2018

Chaos can we perma ban Fisty Cent from this game mode???? smiley
i sware to god, everytime someone has fisty cent its a free win. I would even like to know if there was ever any player getting top of the weekly table without using hive....
its super funny to play Survivor T3 watching a lot of clans being played and thinking of different match ups but hive its barely impossible to win and always the same.
They are probably the only clan that can go with a mono deck to Survivor T3 and still destroy everyone.
I know that people will most likely think : "oh another guy complaining" , but in survivor T2 hive were dominating the scene along with sakhrom and uppers, but now with the number of cards increase they are so strong and its so frustrating trying to go against them

wednesday 15/08/2018

John Doom and Ambre can really overwhelm your opponent, but unlike the 3 mentioned by chaos they don't hold their own stat-wise so you have to be careful.

sunday 17/06/2018

You might do better replacing Vladimir and Gork with Draheera and Darling or Hriger. 5* aren't necessarily optimal, and Vladimir is crap
My example of Kenny and Vholt was just that - an example. Sure maybe you could escape such a situation sometimes, but sometimes a life gap of 15 with your cards damage reduced by 6 in the next 3 rounds will be insurmountable: you'll know as soon as round 1 is up that you've lost. My point is you don't gain anything from staying, and most of the time (except if mission grinding) neither does the opponent

monday 07/05/2018

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Good to know. Thanks!

I find Mr Big Duke intimidating when paired with La Junta or GhosTown (Day). Like most leaders, he can be effectively paired with any clan (exception is kitties because he stops their bonus)

sunday 22/04/2018

My target is to get top 25, which is enough for that gold token

sunday 15/04/2018

Not that great, sure, but Serafina is still a KO block even when on her own. Fine, she's no Nemo Mt, but with all the X-Robbs knocking around she's still incredibly useful.

friday 13/04/2018

Ye, surv needs to reloaded thensmiley

sunday 08/04/2018

Revamp hasn't happened yet. I hope the new mode doesn't disable op cards

friday 09/02/2018

Listen to this Naarcho guy, he knows what he is speaking about.

And I don't get it, your main idea in first post is- in survivor you get too small prices and speak ONLY about clintz rewards?
Survivor have tokenz and credits prices as well which is much greater than clintz rewards.

wednesday 31/01/2018

I do see alot of rescue in T1 now, Serafina definitely brought a new wave... but if its not rescue its upper/montana decks... or a saks heavy dr deck... I would love to see modes where secondary clans that dont get much play in any mode like jungo or junta get some attention... ignore my ramblings smiley

tuesday 30/01/2018

tuesday 09/01/2018

Answered in the preset Ebezue smiley

friday 29/12/2017

Not sure about Frozn, but I have a mono Piranas that works pretty decently, if you know how to use it.
Ahkab - Bloodh - Dalhia CR - Fischer - Lizbeth CR - Rekved - Selma - Sliman

Sliman is there for those nasty "-x opp power, min y" with high values for x and y, by the way. He wouldn't be my first choice to take off the deck.
It's pretty old, so Surstorming wasn't out when I made it, but if you want, you can replace Bloodh or Lizbeth CR with him. I'd trade Bloodh for him, it's better to keep Lizbeth and have two 9-powered strong cards (One that handles damage reduction really well, and one that can actually KO someone).
Also, I made this deck to always start the round (40 stars), but if you want to play more defensively, you can try to fit Ursula in. Less damage potential, but you gain an extra wall. Maybe Ironjaw as well for extra SOA defense, but I really don't like Ironjaw.

tuesday 12/12/2017

For T1 Survivor I'd recommend Jungo PC, they make life gaps here's my deck

Hopper Ld(you might not have her)
Sylph CR(expensive but you can replace with Eggman for less consistent results)

sunday 15/10/2017

Ymirah + Lowki + Tormentah + Ruru + Brody + Arno+ Gonzo + Mildred = The best combination

wednesday 13/09/2017

Hmm... why Morphun is recommended over Melody?

It seems to me Melody can gain much more pills than Morphun and over-pilling to get that 2nd hit to get the KO becomes relatively safe bet with Melody, because if you lose that fight then you can be sure the opponent won't have any pills left.

monday 11/09/2017

Sϛ ƃᴉq ǝɥʇ sᴉ ᄅ┴ ɹoʌᴉʌɹnS uᴉ suɐlɔ ǝsoɥʇ ɥʇᴉʍ ʎɐld I ʎɥʍ uosɐǝɹ ʇsǝƃƃᴉq ǝɥʇ ɥƃnoɥ┴

thursday 31/08/2017


more like


saga is way too pc smh

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