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friday 03/05/2013

Nice deck. When possible I would personally change Malicia to Florida Jane.

Nice deck. smiley

monday 29/04/2013

Just for the record, "why in Sam Elliott's mustache" is the best exclamation I have ever read.

sunday 28/04/2013

I don't think pussycats are good in t2. They don't have enough juice to beat the opponent, and they don't enough damage reduction to block super heavy hitters. I prefer a couple saks.

I've Done Some Changing Around.

So My starter Deck is


And Later on
it turns into something like this

saturday 27/04/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change Ella to wanda and Nellie to Maurice.

Just curious, i encountered a level 16 and level 18 player on survivor.

monday 22/04/2013

Interesting deck but 3 cards with no clan bonus can leave you with hands with no bonus or minimal bonus. Dwan can be changed to Sekutor and Ella to Cyb Lhia.

saturday 20/04/2013

Oxen beats the Survivor DRs handily, but Rubie is aight.

wednesday 17/04/2013

I am really bad at using morphun.... I usually get farther with Bridget than Morphun.

tuesday 16/04/2013

monday 15/04/2013

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Ok thanks

sunday 14/04/2013

Any idea with this deck Ice Cold Killers

thursday 11/04/2013

After a 9 streak, you're at 14 life and 10 pillz, right?

Your ratio then means that you won't have the pillz to threaten certain decks, while maintaining a proper defense.
Low pillz count hurts this build, unless you get in a lucky hit with Benicio or Charlie and have a solid DR as back-up.

I guess it's all about playstyle though. I prefer to be defensive in early games, and offensive with heavy atk manip clans in later games.

tuesday 09/04/2013

Please comment, guys!

sunday 07/04/2013

Krash and Lothar consider replacing smiley

Unlucky smiley

Good luck on it!

friday 05/04/2013

monday 01/04/2013

For the last slot, I'd either go with Dorian or Guru Cr.

wednesday 27/03/2013

Hehe, I know Piranas good with pillz manipulation.. With Morphun, Piranas like a wall.. hehe.. Thanks for the idea.. smileysmileysmiley

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