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friday 31/01/2014

As the title says ;

I have
0XP Copper cr
0XP Slyde Cr
0XP Emeth Cr

and im looking to trade them for full copies plus small compliments

If not ill end up levelling them by accident.

Im looking for

i have these for trade
sah brinak

pm if interested

I am trading my 0xp cards for full xp plus compliments

I have
- Wee Lee 0xp
- Jay 0xp
- Jeeve 0xp

I want
- Wee Lee full xp + 4k compliment
- Jay full xp + 3k compliment
- Jeeve full xp + 500 clintz compliment


Intersted on kenny cr , if u r ok pm me . Thx

thursday 30/01/2014

My - Blaaster Cr 0 exp: 100.000 clintz vs 2 Ongh O xp + El Matador O xp = 100k . ok ?

If u change idea u can find my tremorh in the market at 6k

I'm looking for the following cards, I can buy them (if low priced) or trade them (look in my current sales)

Chiara Cr 15.5k
Hawkins 10k
C Wing 5.5k
Steve 7k
Bloodh 10.5k
Kusuri 3k

Ahhh yes lol i was tired when i posted this thats my excuse smiley and the 3 remaining Tanasco Fire are gone

Im trading my Kalindra Cr + Yayoi + Coby +4k for a Jackie Cr

pm if interested

How much do u estimate 30 tremorh 0exp?

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wednesday 29/01/2014


I sell a lot Of 396 Joao O xp for 1.5k/head in private sall !!!

And thanks smiley

Everything is gone apart from:
2 Charlie 0xp
2 Graks 0xp
2 El divino 0xp
1 Jackie Cr full
1 Dregn 0xp
and the auctions posted above

Also no longer looking for Splata Cr and Tessa Cr

Hello everyone as entitled to sell Dragan cr 710K


I am offering DJ Korr cr, Kiki cr for nabrissa 0xp packs.
Also selling DJ korr cr and Kiki cr message me your offers.
Also buying nabrissa 0xp for clintz or tradeing for other cr's (for more information about the other cr's i can trade message me what u are interested in)

I value: DJ korr cr at 7.900.000
Kiki cr at 7.700.000

I offer 9000 per piece of Nabrissa 0xp if pack larger then 100
8500 per piece of Nabrissa 0xp if pack larger then 25
8300 per piece of Nabrissa 0xp in private trade


Hi guys,

I want to trade my 0xp: Splata Cr and kerozinn cr for full + 20k smiley

PM me smiley

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