thursday 07/06/2012

Looking to get in on the ground level? Then look no further. Texas Mavericks is a fresh and new guild looking for members. Feel free to stop by and drop off an application.

Hello, Our guild is welcoming every kind of players. Just send a message if u will be of for monthes to one of our admin. U can also be active only for the forum... It's a world where evrybody is welcomed, VERY WELCOMED.

We will be very pleased if u join us.
I start playing Urban Rivals in 2006. And many times i was of for for monthes I recently joined the One World which i'm the founding members now. And since then i stayed very active. smiley


Just cleaned out some inactives to make room for more killerssmileysmileysmiley

Come join the Warriors...we have active and helpful memberssmiley

Come join the Warriors...we have active and helpful memberssmiley

Well when we get people joining i will have admins but the events are mostly run by you guys i can put in cards but everyone will have to contribute

tuesday 05/06/2012

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

monday 04/06/2012

Still looking for members, and if you're here, you might as well join!

Fairly old guild, the other players went offline, so im re-recruiting. No level or deck types required, just be active.

We often hold tournaments and prizes within the guild, so take part!
Apple Bommers


Massage shadeakira if you are looking for a guild that is all about the fun.

sunday 03/06/2012

You are more than welcome to join the S.L.Y guys! Very few rules and regulations and we don't demand too much activity for members so you'd be a shoo in!

thursday 31/05/2012

What is the level minimum talked to cc he said for me to level up some more o just hit 22

The requirements are easy and we are a really unique and fun guild that will host a lot of events once we reach our goal of 80 members or mor by the end of the year.

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

Come join this laid back and friendly guild....its awesome! Bring your friends...we are just starting out but we are going be trading, training, and providing helpfully tips. Click the link to join today!
Potato Farmers

wednesday 30/05/2012

기Wemade guild is recruiting. Our levels are not to be underestimated for the Leaders of 기Wemade are quite skilled, and have a high knowledge base over the game. We are looking for fun, talkative, friendly, enthusiastic, age 13+, ENGLISH speaking players who are interested in developing there skills and becoming a great Duelist. Join our guild and you will embark on our journey to the top of Urban Rivals, you will become MADE, by this we mean that you will become skilled at this game. If you join us you will surely find yourself CHEAP trade and a fun gaming experience on Urban Rivals. Our guild holds events in which you can win any non Cr of your choice(sold to you at 50clintz) as well.

If you would like to join Our guild visit the link below and sign up! Are you made?smiley

tuesday 29/05/2012

Hello guys, we are looking members for our new guild from all over the world. Lets grow together! So if you are looking for friendly people our guild is for you!
There are no requirements yet .
Join us by clicking here:

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