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friday 30/05/2014

And the deal is done.


55x nocte (no more 57) for 86k each -----> 4,73M
80x Dregn 70k each --------> 5.6M

total value 10,33M

if you buy all 10.1M! smiley

accept only cash as usual!

O_O viper for the win. Thank you all who placed a offer. smiley

50 clintz each

Actually there are available:

• Marlysa Cr full 1.59M
• Splata Cr 0exp -> 870k
• Sum Sam Cr 0exp 1.6M
• 20 Nabrissa 0exp 9.7k/t

Pro marketing '-'

900k clintz. Good luck smiley

thursday 29/05/2014

If someone interested, send me PM

Hi, i want to sell or trade 5 el divino full exp valued 30k/each [Tot. 150k]

I'm looking for:
A award cr full or 0exp (200k) [I'll add cash]
Reine cr full or 0exp (285k) [I'll add cash]

If you're interested, contact me by pm smiley

No longer need :
marlysa cr
lamar cr
caelus cr
blaaster cr
no longer have
10 x kalindra cr
splata cr
i now have 850k cash

my marlysa cr is 0 exp so the first person to pm me with a full marlysa cr will only have to pay 10k cash for her

Hi everyone.
I'm looking for someone interested in my Nolands smiley
2,3/2,4k each.
I'm mainly looking for CRs. Playable and not. Market prices. smiley
PM Me if you are interested.
Sorry my bad english smiley

Hey got an auction up go check it outsmiley


Je souhaite échanger mon Aldebaran 0xp que j'estime à 840000 .

Pour cela, je recherche en échange des cartes comme:

- Kerozinn Cr: 666666.
- Vickie Cr: 600000.
- Lamar Cr: 575000.
- Alec Cr: 170000.
- Dalhia Cr: 91000.
- Noctezuma: 83000.
- Cortez: 59000.
- Clintz.

Pour obtenir la valeur de ma carte.

Moyen de transaction: VP

A vos offres.

Pd: I would prefer offers in english if you dont mind, thank you very much.

Want to trade my full Xp Charlie + 5k clintz for 0xp

Also looking for a zero xp Graksmxxt and 0xp Noctezuma

Have to offer :
Emeth Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Uranus 0xp

All raven are sold smiley i add to the list of the trade 20 nabrissa 0exp 9.7k/each

wednesday 28/05/2014

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