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thursday 04/07/2013

You know you can close threads yourself right?

E se famo a cambio..cioè io ti do heegrn 0 exp e tu full più comp??

Now i have only coby and hammer

Hello, im a newbie, selling Onyx with 0exp for 250clintz...

Marina 20.000 uranus 20.000 zhu tang 1.900
I have dalhia cr 0xp... add other 4.100 clintz and she's your smiley

I don't know about that, these days high five's are a dime a dozen, maybe a few years ago

Or buy my lot of 134 for only 605000 clintz or card equivalent.

wednesday 03/07/2013

I can give 1400 clintz.. some1 help

Still looking smiley

Still looking Anibal is over priced I know cause I dont wanan trade him but I thought I would put him out there smiley

I'm offering: - Jackie Cr 128k - Caelus Cr 102k - Tanaereva Cr 200k - Kolos 35k All this I offer it without your adding it to my 84 Mokra (full or 0XP evaluated the same) that I rate 5.5k

Thanks Jamox, i'm tired to repeat the same things.
Anyway kerozinn cr is gone smiley

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