thursday 31/05/2012

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

Come join this laid back and friendly guild....its awesome! Bring your friends...we are just starting out but we are going be trading, training, and providing helpfully tips. Click the link to join today!
Potato Farmers

wednesday 30/05/2012

기Wemade guild is recruiting. Our levels are not to be underestimated for the Leaders of 기Wemade are quite skilled, and have a high knowledge base over the game. We are looking for fun, talkative, friendly, enthusiastic, age 13+, ENGLISH speaking players who are interested in developing there skills and becoming a great Duelist. Join our guild and you will embark on our journey to the top of Urban Rivals, you will become MADE, by this we mean that you will become skilled at this game. If you join us you will surely find yourself CHEAP trade and a fun gaming experience on Urban Rivals. Our guild holds events in which you can win any non Cr of your choice(sold to you at 50clintz) as well.

If you would like to join Our guild visit the link below and sign up! Are you made?smiley

tuesday 29/05/2012

Hello guys, we are looking members for our new guild from all over the world. Lets grow together! So if you are looking for friendly people our guild is for you!
There are no requirements yet .
Join us by clicking here:

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monday 28/05/2012

I wuld like 2 join this guild pls invite me

Hi maybe someone know me and what to invite to guild?

Can i join?
pls!!!! T_T

Hey i am looking for a guild to. I tried making 1 but i failed lol xD i luv urban rivals nd could rlly use the help of other players to improve in this game. Of course i will also do my part to help the guild in any way i can. SO PLEADE ALLOW ME TO JOIN WAR PARTY >.

saturday 26/05/2012

Thanks artemis , i don't know what happened to the original message , but it was definitly longer than this one haha

Now accepting applicants. Everybody is welcome to join.


With us and with this guild , the World is know who are we and what are Urban Rivals !! hahahaha , come and join this guild minimal level : 6 IF you is give 1000 above guild points you can be ADMIN !!!! SEE YOU AT Zuki_corp !!! AND HAPPY FIGHT !!! smiley

~~ Wanna join my guild ??OPEN THIS SITE :

friday 25/05/2012

Hey guys I'm back from by 6 month biz ness trip and MAN am i ready to be a lazy fool and waste my life away on UR. basic info about me, I'm a level 63 super active player looking for a great guild to chat and build friends in. i like to play Events and play DM. gonna get back into the groove of ELO and hopefully get to know lots of players. i would like to visit a few guilds first before i make my decision so if you'd like to have me for a few days please send me a PM. i am looking for:

- Active Guild where the members actually talk
- Active message boards
- Friendly guild mates
- preferably a guild that speaks English pls

thanks MODs for posting and i hope to hear from all Y'all.


0 Calcifer

thursday 24/05/2012

I haven't played this in a really long time im kind of lost right now but my deck is ok and i know what im doing. if any teams out there need a hand i have great potential i just might need some help readjusting to the game but after that i'll prove to be one of the better members on the team guaranteed

Yes thank you i meant that

wednesday 23/05/2012

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You don't have to speak perfect english to join we have no language barrier smiley
Different nations are welcome to join

Check out our team stop by any time

tuesday 22/05/2012

monday 21/05/2012

We still need some people to get us off the ground floor so anyone is welcome at the moment,

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