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wednesday 26/02/2014

Other Cards that I have to offer include: Dregn x2, Kalindra Cr, Robb Cr, Jane Ramba Cr, Kenny Cr, Marco Cr x2, X-0DUS x2, and Karrion.

New price for tameshi: 3000 clintz each


Vickie found:

Tessa Cr: 660 000 Clintz
Sigmund Cr: 490 000 Clintz

I'm buying 0xp
Kamekun at 1.6 k each
Betelgeuse at 5.2 k eac

Full xp for 37k put it in my ps and pm me

tuesday 25/02/2014

Hello, I would like to buy lots of Graven (0 exp) at 5,500 clintz a head. If you have 10 or more I will pay 5,750 a head. Thanks for your time!

I buy lots of
Smith 0xp 450/t
Blidgey 0xp 490/t

vp if cash es if you need cards

(sorry for the english

This post originally was for the france forum smiley but is ok also here (wrong tag)

Guys like to sell several title cards, I'd rather sell it all in one piece but I also accept proposals for a single card
and all cash payments through the secure exchange (the cards are all full)
the cards in question are

Beetenka 1500 clintz
Lady 32200 clintz
Maurice 12200 clintz
Rubie 4150 clintz
Tyler 2250 clintz
Wayne Stark 2200 clintz

Mokra 10500 clintz
Virginia 14500 clintz

B Bazooka 3500 clintz
Bodenpower 15000 clintz

Eloxia 7600 clintz

contact only for mp

For the 26 Cortez 0xp contact -Miguel Alves smiley

Wrong message board my friend smiley

Vickie Cr lowest price on the market full is 561K

so unless your Vickie Cr is 0xp its not worth 600K

Still Buying

I am selling lizbeth for 50,000 or for 30,000 and Haze.

9m for my dj full

Hi , I want to buy some 0xp cards , in my private sells .

-Angelina / Sargh / Borss : 270
-Dieter : 300
-William : 350
-Derby Queen : 420
-Radek : 550
-Zapatino : 599
-Yodd : 1200
-Nerfentiti : 1250
-Oxo/Kamekun : 1500
-Psylo : 1850smiley
-Jautya : 4400
-Kinjo : 7800/t
-Devil Dog : 9000/t
-Curlix : 10.5k
-Vermaire : 11k
-Ghumbo : 14k
-Uranus : 24k
-Leviatonn : 25k
-Spyke : 26k
-Striker : 31k
-Yayoi : 33k
-GraksmxxT : 47k

These are my prices for each cards !
If you have more than a few , send me a pm !
Thanks a lot smiley

I am desperate

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