saturday 02/03/2013

monday 18/02/2013

Elly mae to clover
aleister to uranus

Maybe copper - palmer or graks

Morphun and lots of DR help alot smiley

tuesday 29/01/2013

Nice deck.

p.s I just made it hit 700 for you smiley

wednesday 23/01/2013

Interesting deck. i would personally change Burt to Kazayan, Rubie to Pallack and Samantha to Spiaghi (or Wendel).

Nice deck. When she gets cheaper Petra can be changed to Virginia.

friday 18/01/2013

i think this is better

saturday 12/01/2013

Disregard what i said before, this will not apply to survivor t2 ><
I miss read the title.

friday 11/01/2013

Nice deck and score! rubie imo gets under rated often

sunday 06/01/2013

Same deck as mine , i just used Dorian as a replacemnt of Nellie .. But my highest is 13 wins..

It's probably sure more than this deck , U are a good players .. smiley

wednesday 02/01/2013

Perhaps your correct Mr Intelijent smiley I just can't rely on such low power even if it does get Revenge Soa after it, it's just not good enough when your left with 8 - 10 pillz because you just can't play stupid anymore. Sledg destroys those Pirates, and Lothar is just a highly unstable card in survivor, I don't get why someone would even consider him there.

tuesday 01/01/2013

Frankie hi is so outdated dude..... harold is almost better in every single way. when confidence is not activated, 2 pills and they match each other. when it IS activated... well we dont have to say do we?

Against SoAs as well. you have jose star already, frankie hi is just REDUNDANT. he is old school dude. -3 attack is pathetic.

sunday 30/12/2012

thursday 27/12/2012

From experience, jungo DOES work very well, but once you run into gheist / roots might be gg (or poison as well)

also as a general rule, piranas are SUPER scary towards those at like stage 5 because of their damage capabilities.

However, as a personal preference I usually try to look for one-round enders (such as poison, +life per damage cards) something like oflgn is a great card for that purpose (but once again watch out for soa). my favorite would be either eddie or karrion as they have great damage capabilities. eddie is good because he can win rounds easily with that 10 power. karrion because he is less susceptible to soa and also has great teammates that would allow his own bluff (cutey, kenny cr).

wednesday 26/12/2012

I agree with Aaabattery corvus to michael

wednesday 19/12/2012

Miss stella to skrumxxt could work well for more damage, but if you prefer the attack manip and base stats id say go with stella over miss stella just cause she has a mission

wednesday 05/12/2012

For me, Uppers or Sakrohm


saturday 01/12/2012

Unfortunately the preset with morphun has already been published but also eklore can be good
thanks battery and sorry for my english smiley

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