saturday 14/01/2012

URBAN MADNESS you don't need to play everyday just to stay in the guild, you can play even once a month.
It's active, fun and most of all,,, AWESOME smiley

To the 6 members of the non-existent guild thus far, please try to recruit some pony friends! We're more than halfway there guys!

friday 13/01/2012

Hey, y'all! I'm currently recruiting and I need aty least four people to join my Guild in the next three days. Here's a link to the Guild:

C'mon guys! join up! smiley we need more members smiley

The Over Load guild is a new guild in search of active player of any level to make it more alive and fun for all member.

I guess you could close this. I sorta gave up on the idea for now.

I see you've chosen a guild. But why not drop that guild and join.....


We're a ragtag group of fun loving players full of ideas. AND we too love Mario. Joooooin us!

As long as were active we dont really care bout champion system

wednesday 11/01/2012

I just started the game today alone with 3 friends, we are newbies but not to the genre. Let me know if we can join, I myself at one of the other three will be a daily player for sure.

Wrong forum, please use the Strategy and Tactics: General forum smiley

Undead Killed, I am not telling you this again. Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it! Thanks smiley

tuesday 10/01/2012

Come on down to AniBabes, I mean, we really accept anyone into the family, so long as they are active, regardless of level. Level means nothing so long as the person strives to better themselves and refine their skills. thats true for this game and for life. Check us out and if your interested your more than welcome

monday 09/01/2012


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Please Pm or post here if you know of any good guilds that could help with Elo I've gotten in the mid 1300's before just need help getting to 1400

Welcome back to the wacky world of UR smiley

sunday 08/01/2012

I'm aware, but not playing for a week is inactive in my mind.

friday 06/01/2012

No one can escape Artemis smiley

Your guild already has a recruitment thread

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