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monday 12/10

Pm me if interested

Your offers are too low. Nobody will accept

Zaveli 0xp 1M500k

sunday 11/10

How about my Caelus (what xp?) for your Maximus CR + Shawoman CR + Saitamurai (all 0 xp)? If ok, you can ps them to me and buzz me. I'll be busy at work for the next few hours.

Hi friend: I said that I don't sell but thanks smiley

Trade My Nadia and Dounia (or Nemo) + My 5mm ClIntz, For Your DJ Korr.

My cards are all 0XP. Your DJ Korr Cr can be any XP. Pm me if interested.

As the title says, ill trade my DJ korr 0exp for your Kiki 0xp+Guru 0xp. + 3mil worth of card

I got Dragan Mt 0xp
Could you add some ?

Buy low card at 7-8k each
sell them on my privte i will buy them

BUY 200 Oryon
1 Oryon = 40.000 smiley

Seeing as I undercut Memento and others undercut me, I dont think you'll get a 40m valuation smiley

Hi guys. Hope you can help me get an enigma smiley please send to private sales. Thanks in advance

Looking to buy 1 Guru CR for 45M thanks!

Looking to buy 150 oryons for 40k each or trade for rare or collector cards


saturday 10/10

Looking to trade my tanaerva mt for kiki cr

No longer need, closing the thread.

Buy all your commons !
Feel free to send them in my ps

8k each

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