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thursday 27/12/2012

From experience, jungo DOES work very well, but once you run into gheist / roots might be gg (or poison as well)

also as a general rule, piranas are SUPER scary towards those at like stage 5 because of their damage capabilities.

However, as a personal preference I usually try to look for one-round enders (such as poison, +life per damage cards) something like oflgn is a great card for that purpose (but once again watch out for soa). my favorite would be either eddie or karrion as they have great damage capabilities. eddie is good because he can win rounds easily with that 10 power. karrion because he is less susceptible to soa and also has great teammates that would allow his own bluff (cutey, kenny cr).

wednesday 26/12/2012

I agree with Aaabattery corvus to michael

wednesday 19/12/2012

Miss stella to skrumxxt could work well for more damage, but if you prefer the attack manip and base stats id say go with stella over miss stella just cause she has a mission

wednesday 05/12/2012

For me, Uppers or Sakrohm


saturday 01/12/2012

Unfortunately the preset with morphun has already been published but also eklore can be good
thanks battery and sorry for my english smiley

thursday 29/11/2012

Yup that would be perfect smiley thats what some players choose to do just to speed up the climb to 5-10ish

monday 26/11/2012

IMO they do best in DM t2 get your hands on the best one (as a colossus im assuming you have them already) throw ambre in there and just be careful not to overpill alot of your deck should have 9-10 power without trying so your at an advantage even vs some bangers smiley alot of players psych themselves out vs cards like tan man and selena when they have ambre backing them up so count on that as well you should do fine smiley

It usally means its been deleted.

friday 23/11/2012

I hardly think hugo is a strange choice, especially with atk manip clans

nevertheless, 25 wins isn't that easy even with a proper deck. Props to yer streak smiley

wednesday 21/11/2012

Brought me to 7 wins.
Any suggestions? Like replace one of them with ability like -5 opp dmg, min 1?


monday 19/11/2012

Post your a link to your deck as a public preset and players can take a look to tell you exactly what is wrong with your deck but it is most likely the elo bans

as for format thoazal is correct smiley

For survivor t2 you could get some cheaper cards like niel maazk fuzz and i know it seems odd but onik may do well except with soa which isnt to much of a problem in survivor t2 ambre as a leader til morphun, hugo works well too, then some vortex could work well too sekutor c beast then id suggest getting a bit more clintz if you can for naele if not perhaps lerhg could do could smiley hope this helps

Uranus to anakrohm when uranus is elo banned smiley

Maybe praxie to cley for more 2HKO risky but can help smiley

friday 09/11/2012

monday 05/11/2012

If a mission dosn't say a clan e.g Remove 50 life from your opponent then you can use any clan.

thursday 25/10/2012

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to update the text on the mission page.

Interesting deck. Congrats on the win streak the deck must work for you.

friday 12/10/2012

Interesting deck. i would personally change Dean to Wardog, Trish to Jane Ramba Cr (if possible) and Nellie to Kazayan.

tuesday 09/10/2012

The deck seems quite good and it must work for you.

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