thursday 19/07/2012

Please state specific cards you are looking for.

Hi all I would like to change my Marlysa Cr 0xp

Looking for crs such as

Lao Cr full
Elya Cr full
Melissa Cr full

Thanks for taking the topic moderator smiley

Fei + heitachi + Jautya + Murray + Sigma + SkrumxxT + Stella + Moses + Michael 0exp + C Wing + Cyb Lhia + C Beast + Nistarok per la vostra Kalindra

Finally i got it about 17.5M,so close the subject.

It's yours my friend, as long as you have a Caelus Cr and 40K clintz.
Or you can pay me 245K clintz if you don't have him.

Thank you moderators.

Will also substitute Taylor, Naginata, and Eloxia for 23k clintz (total) if preferred.

I can offer Seldnor Cr and 100,000 clintz for Caelus Cr.

Buy tanaereva by 315000.
price negotiable.smiley

If you want my advice don't trade to players, there both horrible deals (especially Det_Samson, shame on you !) just sell your Tsubame on the market for full value

I have 12 Coopers, 9 Jackie Cr (7 0xp) and a few more budgets, contact me smiley


I propose my Tanaereva Cr and Kerozinn Cr for your Vickie Cr, private message me with offers.

Thanks mods

wednesday 18/07/2012

I buy your Douglas 0xp for 195/head in my private sell

Hoping to buy wardom for 12272 cz, card lvl doesnt matter.


Sorry , this post is very very old. I've got the cards I needed anway, please close mods.

Regards Psychronic

I trade a Jackie Cr 0xp for others Cr's with an equivalent price

Ty mod, sell all, close the post!!smileysmileysmileysmiley

I value them at, at least 1,100 each, totaling 110,000 clintz for the whole lot.
PM me for fastest response.

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