monday 13/08/2012

Yeah... Once I thought about it it's perfectly good. Allows you to ensure that if it never comes back you haven't lost a NB as you have enough to cover replacement and also after first click in mission means they can send it back and have unlocked the mission (which then stays up as its "in progress"smiley for a whole 200 clintz then buy the card later on when it's dropped to what they can afford.

Good idea sir... We do it in guild to allow our poorer players to unlock them, just didn't realise it was legal and doable on here.

*doffs hat and bows* smiley

30 Rolph0xp 7k/cad
10 Hawk0xp 14k/cad
4 Copper full 46.5k/cad
4 Kolos 0xp 62k/cad
3 Yayoi full 37k/cad
100 Eddie 0xp 2k/cad
10 Beef full 6.2k/cad

I'm looking cash, playable cr , Sah Brinak0xp (15k) e Michael0xp (15k)

I value my tanaereva 0 exp 400 k
i look for lamar or kero
pleaze contact me via pm
tell me the value of your card+ the difference

The trade is very fair unfortunately the closest i come to dj korr is my lamar which is way off. But good luck i hope you find someone.

2,000,000 clintz for full sum Sam. Pm me for haggle or sale smiley

Thank you mods smiley

Prices are negotiable.

Tessa has been sold, topic closed smiley

Thank you smiley

sunday 12/08/2012

Make me an offer. clintz or cards. thank you

Check pm sparkz. I'm interested in the Latin and can offer rescue, and if it helps would offer to do the Kal swap as part of trade

How many do you think i should have before i post this?

I guess I can clarify my offer a bit. It is supposed to be:

Aldebaran Cr AND the 1M clintz.

I can also include 1 Marco Cr (0xp) and maybe a go a little higher on the clintz if necessary.

Still buying, i might be interested in ombre cr and reine cr too


thread no longer valid. As requested in previous post please close as I'm now getting folk offering clans no longer needed in PMs, and when I point out I'm no longer trading her against non-crs they're quite rightly it seems telling me that this thread is still open and that's the cards that were listed.

Thanks in advance, Lampy

Hes only giving away one of them?

No one up for trade i can add more clintz
i can go 7k

Come on, its a good investisemment

I am looking for some kalindras or bulks of other frozens
pst me

Find the mikaal, still search smiley

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