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tuesday 19/02/2013

My cr's for sale / exchange
Prices are like on market
I'm looking for all types cards - Cr's, non cr's, 0xp etc...

◣Kreen Cr 0xp◥
◣2x Ambrose Cr 0xp◥
◣9x Smokey Cr 0xp◥
◣Cassio Cr 0xp◥
◣30x Noodile Cr 0xp◥
◣9x Noodile Cr◥
◣2x A Award Cr 0xp◥
◣Chiara Cr◥

thx MOD's

Still for sale!

I Sell 35 Leela for 43.200 clitnz. i Can accept cards as jackson, Desmond Lady, Naele.... Mín clintz 20k. The changes for secure trade. Thanks.

No i dont want to split the lots up as stated above

Lot 6 is gone smiley

That was fast, Thanks mods!

monday 18/02/2013

T gaank 6500 each total 234k

Hi all, as the title, i want to trade my lamar cr 0xp valued 485K cash or 500K cards + cash.

Cards that im looking for:
- Kerozinn Cr full valued 350K (the offer that incluede Kerozinn Cr will be most conisder)
- other playble cr
- Ghumbo 0xp (max 10 copy) 19K

Please make the offer by PRIVATE MESSAGE, the trade will be by SECURE TRADE.

Thanks MOD&FO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please close the topic, Lao Cr 0 xp Princess Dr sold for 680K cash

Im looking to trade 4 splata cr 0xp for 4 0xp vickie cr

i offer 1 splata cr 0xp + 20k for 1 vickie cr 0xp
pm me if you want to trade, i dont want any other offer then a vickie cr 0xp

thank you mods

Still valiable

It's sold, thanks mod smiley

Hi everybody i have 70 t gaan (60 0xp) now it cost 9.5k i valorate then in 9k each one... i search other lots, cash, crs...

Mod we can close smiley

I trade my Cr:

Armanda Cr 850k
Ombre Cr 0exp 250k
Manon Cr 1800k
Shawoman Cr 800k
Miss Twice Cr 220k
Sigmund Cr 0exp 640k
20 Chiara Cr 17k l'una
Dragan Cr 900k
Tessa Cr 0exp 660k

and i search:

Dwain Cr 148k
Beltran Cr 165k
Ambrose Cr 400k
Rass Cr 625k
Aldebaran Cr 650k
Berserkgirl Cr 710k
Sum Sam Cr 1250k
Scarlett Cr 1600k

contact me by a pm


Caelus cr gone.
Got lizbeth, bloodh and all the other ulu watu.

Only ratanah and yayoi left.

Any cards you're looking for a one for one trade for Yoshida?

Threads of pfulls are not permitted smiley

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