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saturday 10/12/2011

Please re-do your thread Roostr - copied from the rules on creating a guild: "no titles or descriptions containing insults, racist comments, religious or illegal subject matter." Thanks smiley

friday 09/12/2011

thursday 08/12/2011

Room to all levels and all languages!smiley

Purplaps they are the Pimp Patrol?

Visit us for a look around Here > http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=1467716 smiley

Giant Pain Machine is an interesting guild with some interesting people. I've been in it since it started and am doing all I can to get us to the top. If you like to play for fun or like to play seriously this guild is for you. If you need help in any of your technique join the guild and hit us up, I don't want to brag but I think we know what were doing. smiley

wednesday 07/12/2011

The pie is getting kinda cold, but we're still accepting members!

Come join are guild any lvl but you must be active


tuesday 06/12/2011

So UR is mobile gaming now? that's kinda news to me.....

Thanks Ice235man smiley

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read, follow these rules and all your threads will be validated.


[RECR] = Recruitment
[INTRO] = Introduction
[LFG] = Looking For a Guild
[RP] = Role play / Fanfic


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

monday 05/12/2011

Hi guys im a player who has just come back from a few weeks off and im looking for a guild with a massive community with an active player list
i have experience as a admin and will be happy to do my part for the guild
comment here or pm me for a faster response smiley



You have to know that more than 50% of guild creation requests are refused.
If you want to create your “very own fantastic guild”, please, read and follow this :

- Try to find something original for the name of your guild ( use the guild search tool). Avoid things like “Urban” something, “The killerz”, names with Dark Knights/killers/fighters/soldiers, “naruto” something. If the name of your guild already exists, it will be refused.
- If the name of your guild is your nickname, it will be refused.
- Don’t use too many strange characters as ¥, † or Ø
- Describe your guild in more than 1 sentence. If it’s too short, it will be refused.
- If you Don’t describe it, it will be refused (no “My very own fantastic guild” ) .

And of course no titles or descriptions containing insults, racist comments, religious or illegal subject matter.

Added you Argent, welcome. Hit me up if I can help you with anything!

I'm currently trying to get more people interested in ELO or otherwise ranked matches, so anyone who is interested OR anyone who is new and doesnt understand the other game modes join the guild or hit me up and hopefully we can get a small team together.

sunday 04/12/2011

We are looking for active players to join the slackers



saturday 03/12/2011

Come join a developing guild!
there are weekly and daily prizes!smiley

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