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wednesday 06/02/2013

Change me, general Cr 0XP, by General Cr full xp + Complement (Complement can be charted or Clintz)

Sorry,I don't want to sell any cards,I want to buy a cheap pre-made deck or two.

tuesday 05/02/2013

Sell Seldnor Cr in value 105.000 clintz.
Accepted cards 4* , 5* and clintz of the same value.
Αlso looking Blaaster Cr value 80.000 clintz.
(Best Offer do not.)
Pm me If we can make a deal, thanks. smiley

Still looking to rid of these cards

As the tittle says i sell ro trade 19 maazk full exp and 21 maazk 0exp value 55k.Looking for vortex or montana but if you have others offers p.m. or right below.

As the title says I am selling 15 Igor's with full exp
1 Igor = 1150 clintz (negotiable prize)
15 Igor = 17250 clintz (negotiable prize)

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.

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The trade has been completed
Thank you mods

7 Kennt and Selsya still available smiley

Add Greow 0xp 7.5k
add Odile 1.4k 0xp

Hello there, as you can see in the title, I am searching for some Lady smiley
I don't care about the Xp.
Send them in my private sales for 14500-14700 range smiley
Messege if you have any questions smiley
Thanks Mods smiley

monday 04/02/2013

I dont have Revok anymore but i add a wolfgang 0xp to the trade list.

Jackie cr 133k i pay with 8 beeboy 0xp (17.000)
yayoi 28k i pay with 4 mikkal 0xp (7.000)

thank mod smiley

Refresh now smiley

The card was given. smiley

Please state what price you are willing to buy each card for.

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