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tuesday 11/10/2011


Stella and Miss Stella was so good... i had to include both!

I'd combine the high power of UW with attack manip-ish Jungo cards:


That Montana half is frightening. I would love finding 12 random stars to pair with it every week.

monday 10/10/2011

Tbh guys i reckon in the end decks will just carry anti-Spyke cards...more SOA and low powered power manips will come out.
Wiith the release of Gretchen i think Roots will once again rule ELO

sunday 09/10/2011

Hopefully you will have the clintz to make the switches.

I like that the deck only has one 2*, but at the same time has some potentially awesome hands to draw. It's a great deck.

saturday 08/10/2011

Hey I don't keep an eye on the bans smiley

friday 07/10/2011

And not to talk about decks that has high rate with few crs and banned cards still in public elo, that will never be available to anyone easyli, or completely unuseable just voted up. i think public decks should give ideas to players not to make them yearning. the only useable way to make it fair would be a manual selection smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Noodile Cr to Nahi Cr if its possible.

Thats fine use feelyn is shes the better choice for you.

thursday 06/10/2011

Thank you for your advices. I've changed Hula for Esmeralda. I will check this configuration.
If you have more advices please do not hasitate to inform me smiley

Ok, thanks so much everyone. I tried and tried, but just couldn't find anything that said if win by forfeit was a different point reward than a regular victory.

With this knowledge now, I will be happy if someone decides to just move on the next fight. Thanks again everyone for your responses.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dayton to Melvin (you can never have enuth dr).

71st MIM (Man In Motion) - 132 points
72nd Matmagic (0 matmagic) - 130 points
73rd C4li3l (0 black lotus) - 126 points
74th Karon (Choup69) - 124 points
75th KV Braker (KVBraker23) - 123 points
ZSX Jule 76th (Eve-Jule-ZSX) - 121 points
77th Greed (greed__bzh) - 120 points
78th Moss (-m0ss_RIP) - 119 points
79th Demolish (-Demolish-) - 118 points
80th Sos (-GoldRoger-) - 118 points

81st Manfred (Manny_The End) - 117 points
82nd Whitaker (Whithak) - 116 points
83rd BRZ Alexander (Alexander BRZ) - 115 points
84th KilluaSe (killua_SE) - 114 points
85th Kaori (6sims-ka0ri) - 112 points
86th Sista 0 (0 Sista12) - 111 points
87th Spagr (spagr) - 110 points
88th-2f Angelo (cthulhu94) - 107 points
89th Gent M (Marc0o0o) - 106 points
90th Jordychat (MC_Aurore) - 104 points

91st Light (- Light -) - 103 points
92nd SE-Rastadam (SE RastaDam) - 102 points
93rd Ganon (-G4non-) - 102 points
94th Forinho (forinho) - 101 points
95th Ne2s (0 Ne2S) - 101 points
96th Lilkoud (Lilkoud) - 100 points
97th Mayu (Mayu_X) - 99 points
98th Vegoliv (0AL-vegoliv) - 98 points
99th Milo (0 Milo) - 97 points
100th S3MPR3 (S3MPR3) - 96 points

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Interesting deck. I would personally change Frankie Hi to oxen.

Its all personal choice so if shes best for you use her.

Yeh its all personally choice so use sliman if hes the best for you.

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