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friday 09/09/2011

Stella's extremely solid. I would go with the first half, but use nimestiec instead of Na Boh (much more useful IMO, I'd splash Spiaghi over Na Boh anyday...but thats in a mono-deck.

2nd half is fine too to be honest, but Jautya is a little too susceptible to SoA then I like it to be...the deck will get ripped by Roots.

@UM-AaaBattery: LOL. Some people just like how some cards are. Like Elya Cr. Erm... She/He like it for a reason. Because It can be a 8/7. We cannot decide what they want to play. That's how new ELO strategies comes! Btw, no offense to both partiessmiley


Oops, Sorry about 2nd postsmiley

"challenge" is basically a random match vs a player that falls within the point +/- spread. no need to talk about coding

maybe something got lost in translation to english.

or if we can into semantics one might interpret challenge as an open challenge to anyone that falls within the point spread

thursday 08/09/2011

Now that i gave this actual list more play, i think theres one factor i didnt consider earlier. SOA completely devastates the deck. I mean, of course Piranas' bonus gets rid of all the SOA bonuses which are the main concern. But all the 8 guys of ours seem to be so heviliy reliant on their abilities. A single SOA-ability renders one of your cards useless. Even Gheist/Roots matchups can still be problematic cuz literally everyone [at least within the 1200-ish bracket im currently sittnig in] seems to be running Burdock in their Roots decks, not to mention old Shakra. And Leviatonn for Gheist is kinda classic, really. Brian, Rubie, Luis, Graff... Heck, even fellow Spycee is a serious threat against this deck.
To think, the only two cards that remain somewhat descent against SOA are Selma and Raeth. Maybe Hawkins is not that terrible for his 2* slot, but the rest are just awkward. And then again, mere 7 power not backed by any attack/pill manipulation, which is our best case scenario here, is quite meh IMO.
Maybe im not just that good of a player. But facing SOA really forces me to play very very passively throughout the match waiting for a window to play my valuable cards and giving up the rest. Usually i dont have that much options to turn things around if my opponent plays properly.
No offenc meant, bro. I still find your deck very appealing, and it works quite fine for me... except that SOA thing. I think maybe some raw power could help, say, Taljion->Tyd or smth

Also you won't go below 1000 if you stopped on 1005, for example, and then didn't play for 3 days. You'd simply be at 1000 again. And you can also increase if you're below 1000.

It should do well if you play it right.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ahkab to Selma and Anibal to Methane.

P.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2007284" and change the = to :

wednesday 07/09/2011

Just play alot. Eventually you'll figure out common pilling patterns, clans and how ELO players use them, and then you'll be winning easily.

What would be a good clan to use as a half-deck DR support?

tuesday 06/09/2011

You should try mono montana

monday 05/09/2011

Thanks for your useful feedback! Especially UDareSurfMeAV.

I've made an updated version of the deck swapping XU52 for Methane and Arkn for Leviatonn (since he's not ELO banned this week).

Check it out here, and please tell me what you think smiley deleted

Nice deck. I would change Elke to Z3r0 D34d and if possible Dolly to Leviatonn.

Nice deck. I would personally change Wendy to Mindy.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2005233" and change the = to :

Its a good budget. If you get more clintz/cards i would change Azel to Azgroth, Edwin to Sargh, Mawpin to Phyllis, Deebler to Chiara, Logan to Tomas and Snowflake to Praxie. Its a lot of changes but you don't have to do them all.


sunday 04/09/2011

Thanks for the positive feedback and advice as well!
@HB-911 That's my goal to get Praxie and Jay. Oh, and Vermyn N and Fixit. Then, after that get the three Cr's I always wanted Chikko Cr, Noodile Cr, and Caelus Cr.

Ok thanks UM_AaaBattery!

Schrodinger's Cat

I alternated between this and mono-Skeelz for 1300. Didn't bother trying for higher.

PS, I hate you Void! smiley

Interesting deck.

There are a few changes you could try:

Burger to Diana and Ella to Wardog or Burger to Laura and Bryan to Ray.

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