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tuesday 13/09/2011

deleted. Is the best deck.

Cortez might seem scary at first but Taylor is much better against most clans. Espesily attack/power/damage manipulation clans.

Interesting deck. smiley

Rescue are still good to use in ELO even lots of cards are banned esp. on them
i used
Cliff, glosh, ghoub, anita, slyde, vinny, krash, and steve
reached 1300 several times with them
just don't bluff, like NOOBS do on them.

Thanks for the suggestions guys smiley

monday 12/09/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Mawpin to Phyllis, Kobalth to Deea and Shaakarti to Dregn.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Sekutor to Dagg and Loocio to Blaaster.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this Please Fixit before its broken, you only copy the "preset=2012944" and change the = to :

Nice deck. I would persoanlly change Hula to Esmeralda and Piotr to Akendram.

Dont even bother getting Noel, that card is not worth it, rather get another fullstop like Spycee, it helps greatly with the +Life cards, - pillz and poison. Most of the time people never expect it to hit so you can win a fight with 3 pills.
People often stress out when they see Andsom, but it easly gets beaten, might change it to a 4 star card, like Katan, but then you would need to leave your berserk deck like it is.

Would also change Norman to Revok. If you dont get another 4star Pira

I don't have any Skeelz anymore sold for Freaks. They're on the rise nowadays!

sunday 11/09/2011

Rescue is NOT rock solid, they got low power, theyre weak to SoB and they often get banned. If you want a solid mono-clan for ELO without obivous flaws, Piranas or Skeelz are really good(few bans, no real counter if you got the right deck)

Interesting deck. smiley

You would think that the moderators wouldn't allow the title. smiley

^ Ooops.

Golpear-Reducir o viceversa.

I don't know why my half deck winners no losers has Coby in it. He's supposed to be Miranda. opz

Nice idea, but to be honest none of your "damaging" cards are especially damaging apart from Dolly Round 1/2. You have to take into account that they might have DRs - Burdock is only 4 damage, Leviatonn has 5 damage but only 6 power. Methane is the only good damage you have, but don't forget that the opponent might have DRs - Roots, Piranas with Ulrich, and Nightmare now have their own -3 min 2 DR. So you have to put all your pills into one of 4 cards that might either get walled (All-stops lose to superior power), DRed (Methane), or SoAed (Dolly).

The other problem is that your deck lacks power - Bristone, Arno, Jeena, Leviatonn are all 6 or less power, you couldn't even win with your DRs unless you pill hard...which in turn removes your hand of a DR since you used it to deal damage.

I suggest you drop Bristone - the 3 DRs in Roots are more than enough. In turn, downgrade her to Arkn, then push Methane to either Wardom or XU52 for more damage. If you want to keep Methane, push Leviatonn to Anibal. 6 power is too low for my liking.

The concept is nice..but in terms of playability it's a bit iffy.

saturday 10/09/2011

Sung Tsu , Nakata, Kusuri, Chan

friday 09/09/2011

Stella's extremely solid. I would go with the first half, but use nimestiec instead of Na Boh (much more useful IMO, I'd splash Spiaghi over Na Boh anyday...but thats in a mono-deck.

2nd half is fine too to be honest, but Jautya is a little too susceptible to SoA then I like it to be...the deck will get ripped by Roots.

@UM-AaaBattery: LOL. Some people just like how some cards are. Like Elya Cr. Erm... She/He like it for a reason. Because It can be a 8/7. We cannot decide what they want to play. That's how new ELO strategies comes! Btw, no offense to both partiessmiley


Oops, Sorry about 2nd postsmiley

"challenge" is basically a random match vs a player that falls within the point +/- spread. no need to talk about coding

maybe something got lost in translation to english.

or if we can into semantics one might interpret challenge as an open challenge to anyone that falls within the point spread

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