monday 25/06/2012

Interesting deck. I agree that you should change Miss Stella to Dwan.

friday 22/06/2012

I agree with those changes. smiley

thursday 21/06/2012

It depends on your other half. In the first few rounds you have more pillz to work so there is no need for too much attack manipulation. Since Skeelz dont rely on their bonus, you should have more Sakrohm cards in your deck, and less Skeelz.

tuesday 19/06/2012

Genius smiley

Interesting deck. I would change Eklore to Morphun.

monday 18/06/2012

Caelus and Dwan are very good for Type 2, if youre building a life gap deck Greem can also be effective. And yes, if youre building mono Junkz Hugo is very effective in survivor, and Graksmxxt is always a nice splash to add

friday 15/06/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change TrinmkkT to SkrumxxT.

monday 11/06/2012

I would personally change Tanaereva Cr to Herman and Glenn to Zatman. Having 2 splashes and a Leader means getting bonuses becomes more difficault.

wednesday 30/05/2012

I would personally change Miranda to Melvin and Rick to John.

sunday 20/05/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Harold to Pallack and Nellie to Maurice.

Nice deck. I would personally change Miss Chloe to Uranus.

saturday 19/05/2012

Well he cheated

wednesday 16/05/2012

Kolo is easy to counter. if you have no DR or SOA. you're building a wrong deck. i suggest you play survivor elo then.

monday 14/05/2012

Maby you could try using them too smiley

friday 04/05/2012

Well only 60 more points for the 600 i need. keep the faces coming smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 02/05/2012

Drop vito, donnnie and griezo

add spiaghi for dr along with mona for low pill battles since her power reduction add versatility

personally i'd run

Morphun - pill regain later rounds
ace, mona - low pill battles later rounds
Edd CR - SOB
spiaghi - DR
avola, Fabio - damage
Jimmy - Damage and DR

vito and simon are too weak for T2, not like they either have the power of Hawk, Jackie etc or damage of Rubie

tuesday 01/05/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Donnie to Jimmy.

It can happen sometimes when you leave a fight befor its finished (or when your having conection problems) and go to a different room and try to fight anuther player Or when you open two fight screens by mistake.

monday 30/04/2012

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