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wednesday 29/06/2011

Scopica to Rodney, Jessica to Chiara and Liam to redra.

P.s if you want to make a deck link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1923648" and change the = to :

tuesday 28/06/2011

Nice deck i would't change anything this week.

If GHEIST gets a lot of banns next week think about changing Nakata to Xia Leming for a bit more DR and Karen to kang.

Oops its been deleted. smiley

Personally i would use Hawkins Noel due to his 7 power but its up to you.

The7one: Nice deck personally i would change Edwin to Sargh.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1923220" and change the = to :

TheUnholyOrc: Nice deck when you can afford him use Praxie instead of clay.

Nice deck personally i would change Scopica to Radek.

@Project yeah I know, I just posted that streak because its rare I get 11 in a row. 1200 is easy.

Coleridge is okay, the extra damage over Raeth really helps, but yeah, SoA is a weakness, especially if you draw a hand of Scubb Coleridge Tula + Ulrich/Tajion/Ector (Ability dependent cards). You have 2/3 support cards, you have to decide which card you want to give up to SoA. You're screwed if you meet more than one SoA (Wendel+Qubik, etc.)

monday 27/06/2011

I used to splash Chiara and Redra into Pussycats before they had Cherry and Ivana.

This week there are no banned GHEIST so there will be a lot of stop opp: ability decks and against stop opp: ability Laura is more stable.

Nice deck all i would do is change Dolly to Leviatonn because hes currently unbanned.

sunday 26/06/2011

Yeah, I already did that... It's temporary. I also have Buck instead of Numar and Jeto instead of Arno. It's working pretty well for now, but I intend to raise clintz to get them all smiley

CrazyOldDog: Hawkins is better then Spycee.

Interesting deck personally i would change Dudley Ld to Azgroth and Mawpin to Phyllis because too many defeat cards can backfire on you.

saturday 25/06/2011

Ok deck personally i would change Boris to Olga, Rhyno to Grudj and Feelyn to cherry.

Change Radek to Rodney. it make opponent waster the pill...

friday 24/06/2011

Thx I like the aggressive / defensive mix opens up a lot of pill fights

Personally i would change trish to Laura.

Yeah, I had Cats in mind when I made the deck.

Thanks, I'll try a few games with Edwin/Rodney, see how it goes.

Lol yeah i feel that i dont like taking out of clan

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