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friday 10/06/2011

deleted seems the best of the two decks.

The deck you want is corvus vs manfred per l'elo a little over 20k so saves you a shed load of clintz, never picks up any bans which goes with your consistency plan, easy to reach 1200 with. smiley

E muito feio e fraco

thursday 09/06/2011

Well done.

*UM_AaaBattery... thx i will try that one
*XC Puritas...so are you telling me that i can't play mono bangers anymore so any dual deck ideas?

So I've been doing fairly okay for my first foray into ELO (made it to 1225 yesterday on my first try) and steadily dropping to 1150, but I'm content with it.

My deck right now is a mono La Junta composed of:

Bryan, Chiro, Isatis, Gatline, Laura, Thormund, Dean and Winston

As for the new deck I'm planning on building, I'd prefer a Jungo half deck since I drew Eggman in a pack. Thanks in advance for your help!

Good deck should do well.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1898209" and change the = to :

Try changing Russel to kenny.

wednesday 08/06/2011

Posion and + life cards work well with damage reducers.

Good deck it should do well.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the name of the deck you only copy the deleted and change the = to :

Sorry for double-posting, but I could'nt find an edit button. And another sorry for posing totally unrelated questions, but they are too small to create an own thread.

I would love to try out some of the other clans, too - so I decided to sell these cards. Thanks for the help nonetheless! Is there some kind of deck-builder or trainer or something, where one can put a deck together and look at it without actually buying all the cards? And is there also some guide or overview of the different clans? Not just about there bonusses, but some more detail, like: What's the average power / damage / star-rating of the cards? Which are the predominant abilities? Being pretty indecisive, I've got the feeling that both features would save me a lot of clintz...

I usually give up hope.... I don't usually win because the opp. has the biggest adv. over me. Usually the best way to go is to get the best 2 stars ex. Wendel or Bonnie Ld, Mawpin etc.

tuesday 07/06/2011

@Fine - I understand where you are coming from, but they are better against those clans than you think. Sasha, Sandro, Redra and Chiara are 4 staples for Skeelz (you should only play Skeelz in mono or splash 1 or 2 at most IMO) and right there you have 1 VERY strong attack manipulation, 2 solid power manipulation and a DR and space for 15 stars for the 4 remaining slots.

That leaves you with some other options including:
Aylen - potential 12 life gap makes her one of the scariest cards out there
Belgosi - underrated 7/5 power manipulation
Cley - situational, yes, but with the other staples, it should not be hard to get a win and make him 8/6
Corvus - high power, +3 pills makes your opponent think twice before bluffing
Deebler - another situational card, but -4 damage 2 min is nothing to scoff at
Greem - one of the best poisoners in the game that is still ELO legal (although often banned)
Jay - 11 potential damage
Logan - great for getting through dr, which is always around ELO
Liam - their only SOA, but he's still won me rounds, simply because people don't expect you to pill with him
Praxie - like Logan, breaks through that annoying DR and has 8 power
Tomas - 8/6 SOB

So while they may have a lot of situational cards and many others with low damage, they make up for that in great abilities and a bonus that protects them (except all stops, but they hurt most other cards too)

That's my 2 cents.
For the record, the 2nd time I got to 1400, I was using Skeelz in mono

The deck seems fine all i can think of is maby trying Kang/randy instead of karen

Just use puff until you can afford Hawkins - hawkins noel not worth it.

monday 06/06/2011

You do star with 14 life but you can go over that. Chances are the bonus was cancled by a stopp opp: bonus card or you beat a card which removes your life points or you only had 1 jungo so the bonus didn't work.

If it happenes again at its not due to any of these reasons send a bug report.

Interesting deck. The berzerk cards will probally change with each relese.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1858337" and change the = to :

Good deck, personally i would change Kobalth for Deea but as you have allready said you like Kobalth in anuther thread you could keep him if you want.

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